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Alicia has been a good wife to her husband, a former state's attorney. After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars. She must now provide for her family and returns to work as a litigator in a law firm.


The Good Wife: End  Season 7, Episode 22

Peter's trial still has more drama to go on this last episode of TGW. Will Alicia find happiness? [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Verdict  Season 7, Episode 21

Lockhart/Florrick gets some accidental wall smashings and are forced to move. But mostly this is about Peter going on trial, yet again. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Landing  Season 7, Episode 19

Peter gets arrested....again. Alicia and Lucca go to Canada to help out Jeff Dellinger, the "C-list Edward Snowden" former NSA agent who finally got caught in Canada. Diane's husband continues to be adorable, but easily snowed by hot Republican blondes. Jason and Eli find out Alicia wants a divorce. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Unmanned  Season 7, Episode 18

Diane and Alicia deal with a case involving drones, and come up against Caitlin who used to work with them. (Things aren't going so well for her, but she kicks ass in course.) Marissa's getting harassed by Connor Fox, which leads Eli to....let's just say I don't think he's going to end well. More "all female law firm" machinations lead Cary to get the hell out. Peter finds out about Alicia boinking Jason and this leads to Alicia finally saying something we've all waited for for 6.5 years. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Shoot  Season 7, Episode 17

Blair Underwood is a dad whose daughter was murdered who puts up a billboard against the gun store that provided the gun. Lucca hates her cube. Jason has a "friend from New York." Grace gets busted for plagiarizing a college essay. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Hearing  Season 7, Episode 16

Alicia and Jason get it on. Everyone invades her apartment while they do it. Veronica got Madoffed...or not. Diane has firm plans that don't involve all current staff. Oh yeah, and Peter's grand jury hearing is going on. Speaking of hearing.... [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Targets  Season 7, Episode 15

Alicia gets recruited into a super secret, super shady secret court to get a guy killed. David and Cary are worrying that the firm's going to go all-female. Jason has a very interesting episode. Eli hires Elsbeth to look into Peter's FBI problem and hears a lot of things that creep him right OUT. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Monday  Season 7, Episode 14

Alicia has trouble adjusting when she returns to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee with Lucca. Their first case, involving a secret new computer tablet, causes a rift within the firm. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Judged  Season 7, Episode 13

After a former bond court client is wrongfully imprisoned, Alicia argues against Judge Schakowsky; the student editor of a college newspaper is threatened with termination after writing a politically charged article. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Tracks  Season 7, Episode 12

Alicia/Lucca and Cary are somehow teamed together to work on the case of a super perky, clingy children's singer whose former record company is harassing the shit out of him now that he has viral videos. Meanwhile, Lockhart Whatever wants to poach their clients back, Florrick Quinn's about to get evicted for annoying the neighbors, and Marissa pleads Eli's case to Alicia. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Iowa  Season 7, Episode 11

The Florrick family heads to Iowa for the opening of polls. Jackie and Howard have some hidden money drama, and Monica's employment complaint she filed before getting a job comes to bite Lockhart Whatever in the arse. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: KSR  Season 7, Episode 10

Alicia has one of the squickiest cases ever. Lockhart Whatever has a case of deja vu regarding ill-treated associates, AGAIN. Eli's romance with Courtney comes to an end and he's got a case of the sads about it. At Ruth's request, Courtney hires Jason away from Alicia. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Discovery  Season 7, Episode 9

The case of the week: is ChumHum racist? In other news, both Ruth and Eli are alarmed at Alicia's possible interest in Jason. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Restraint  Season 7, Episode 8

Alicia and Lucca need new clients, STAT, but only Grace is actually good at doing that. Mostly because thanks to Diane's new Republican "friendships," she's losing clients left and right. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Driven  Season 7, Episode 7

Our main lawyers are all in on a case involving an accident in a self-driving car, which leads to either OMG THE SINGULARITY fears, or OMG HACKERS fears. Also, meet Courtney Paige, a possible new donor to Peter's campaign. Between her and Vice magazine noticing that Peter and Alicia haven't shacked up in three years, Alicia suddenly has a new roommate again, and Grace has a new birthday. Oh yeah, and Jackie and Howard are engaged! In other news, the election board is fighting over whether or not to renew their old contract or get new voting machines. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Lies  Season 7, Episode 6

There's NSA, goats, lie detectors, eavesdropping, secret video, presidential announcements, investigations, and Peter feeling like a wet seal. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Payback  Season 7, Episode 5

Alicia and Lucca go up against a for-profit college hoping for payback for their client. Jason gets all kinds of payback from a scammer. Howard gets plenty of payback on everyone younger than him in the office. The only one not getting payback is Eli, though he does get another job offer. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Taxed  Season 7, Episode 4

In bond court, Alicia comes across a store that targets African-Americans. Diane goes up against Louis in an assisted suicide case. Eli sends the other female Florricks after Peter (if they can get in past Ruth) to talk to him about that topic as well. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Cooked  Season 7, Episode 3

Alicia and Lucca deal with a drug case that's not at all what it seems on many levels. Ruth forces Alicia and Veronica to go on a cooking show together, SO GUESS HOW THAT GOES. Howard debates suing Lockhart Whoever and starts dating Jackie. And who needs a professional investigator when Grace is on the case? [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Innocents  Season 7, Episode 2

Alicia and Luc(c?)a try to help a guy stop his mom's naked art photos of him. Howard and Cary go to a semi-weaksauce war. Eli and Ruth continue their war as well. Everyone looks for the new Kalinda. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Bond  Season 7, Episode 1

Alicia scrambles for work. Peter gets the okay to "run for vice president" and makes a whopping hiring and firing mistake. Agos Lockhart isn't "hip" and "cool." [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Wanna Partner?  Season 6, Episode 22

Alicia's client is dropped down a legal oubliette. Peter's political plans get even bigger. Louis Canning gets pissed off. Who will Alicia partner with in a new law firm? And as for Kalinda.... [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Don't Fail  Season 6, Episode 21

Alicia explores different approaches to working at home.
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The Good Wife: The Deconstruction   Season 6, Episode 20

After resigning, Alicia thinks she's going back to FAL. This is not as easy as she thinks it's going to be. In other news, Kalinda sells out Bishop and .... [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Winning Ugly  Season 6, Episode 19

So who fixed the voting machines? And who's going to jail? [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Loser Edit  Season 6, Episode 18

Alicia's sexay e-mails with Will are about to leak, and Eli and Josh fight that whole situation. Alicia and Peter drink wine together. Diane does a mock trial for her new conservative friend R.D. and ropes his gay nephew into playing the plaintiff. Kalinda's metadata fakeage is coming to light. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Undisclosed Recipients  Season 6, Episode 17

Alicia pisses off everyone who thinks she's bought her, and then the firm's e-mails for the last four months get hacked. With e-mails from the last two years to come tomorrow. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Red Meat  Season 6, Episode 16

It's election day! Both Alicia and Diane discover that they love shooting. Finn gifts Alicia with a distracting game of Halo while she waits. Diane's on that hunting trip with Kurt, both hunting deer and clients. Dylan gets kicked out of school, Kalinda's being followed, and Bishop comes up with a solution to at least one of his problems. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Open Source  Season 6, Episode 15

The political candidates get around trashing each other by trashing Peter. Eli and Johnny feud. Diane and Kurt are involved in a 3D printed gun case. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Mind's Eye  Season 6, Episode 14

A few hours before a big interview, Alicia's got laryngitis. And I can only assume she's tripping balls on some kind of cold medication even though they technically don't show it. Most of the episode shows Alicia having mental debates with her political team, fantasizing over hot dudes and missing Will (that made me tear up), and otherwise trying to figure out what to say if asked about Zach's abortion or Lemond Bishop's PAC money. Because apparently the latter got caught bragging on a wiretap that he just bought the next state's attorney. Ruh-roh! [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Dark Money  Season 6, Episode 13

Oh goody, it's another Colin Sweeney episode! Also, Kalinda bodyguards Dylan and Alicia and Frank deal with a skeevy rich donor. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: The Debate  Season 6, Episode 12

Alicia and Frank Prady appear in a crucial debate in the race for State's Attorney, while Peter and the city of Chicago prepare for a potential riot.
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The Good Wife: Hail Mary  Season 6, Episode 11

With only 6 hours remaining until his sentencing, Cary meets with a prison consultant to prepare for his time inside; meanwhile, the rest of Florrick, Agos, and Lockhart try every last minute tactic they can to keep him from having to serve it. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: The Trial  Season 6, Episode 10

As Cary's case goes to trial, he considers a plea deal involving jail time; a joke gets Alicia in trouble as her campaign progresses.
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The Good Wife: Sticky Content  Season 6, Episode 9

Alicia develops a campaign strategy after Prady comes to her with an offer. Cary gets some surprising news and makes a bold decision. Kalinda... does what Kalinda always does. Not nearly enough Diane in this episode, or really this season. This was a ChumHum-free episode. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Red Zone  Season 6, Episode 8

Alicia can't keep quiet at a university hearing, then joins Finn in doing a good deed for which she is immediately punished. Cary wants to testify in his own defense, despite Diane’s fears. Kalinda lets her hair down. Eli massages Alicia's image. Louis Canning wheels and deals. And both Lemond Bishop and Owen ask for favors, but in very different ways. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Message Discipline  Season 6, Episode 7

New character: Frank Prady (David Hyde Pierce), a local television pundit who may jump into the race. Eli and Johnny are worried. They both coach Alicia on ferreting out info and appearing on Prady’s show. Alicia is confrontational during Johnny’s practice interview, but also furiously taking notes. Cary abides by his new bail restrictions, but just barely. He’s also surprisingly casual during a court appearance. New wrinkle in the case – ups and downs that involve past foes and people not typically associated with Cary. Former offices of Lockhart/Gardner & Canning now occupied by Florrick, Agos & Lockhart. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Old Spice  Season 6, Episode 6

There's uncertainty around ownership of the lease to the Lockhart Gardner office space, and the usual suspects don't play fair. Alicia is pressured into talking about her faith in God by her campaign manager. Cary's in danger of going back to jail - will he be able to abide by his new bail restrictions? Elsbeth Tascioni provides a distraction for Josh Perotti when the case against J-Serve takes an unexpected turn. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Shiny Objects  Season 6, Episode 5

When Alicia and Dean represent a fired female CEO in a sex discrimination suit against her company, they face a tough defense team in familiar foes Elsbeth Tascioni and Rayna Hecht. Meanwhile, a hacker seizes control and threatens to delete all of Florrick/Agos/Lockhart’s files, sending the firm into panic mode when he demands a ransom [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Oppo Research  Season 6, Episode 4

Alicia makes a big decision, and finds out some shocking information in the process. A new cast member is introduced. Is Peter up to his old ways, or is there a more innocent explanation? Someone has to leave Florrick & Agos, but that doesn't mean they're really gone.
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The Good Wife: Dear God  Season 6, Episode 3

The state tries to pull Cary's bail, Alicia pulls some faces when a case is transferred to Christian arbitration, James Castro pulls no punches in going after Alicia's possible reasons for candidacy, and Gloria Steinem pulls feminist rank.
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The Good Wife: Trust Issues  Season 6, Episode 2

Florrick/Agos tries to get Cary out of jail. Alicia tries to get herself out of politics. Diane tries to get Taye Diggs out of Lockhart/Gardner & Canning.
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The Good Wife: The Line  Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 begins with Alicia refusing to run for State's Attorney despite Eli's attempts to persuade her to launch a campaign. Meanwhile, Diane considers joining Florrick/Agos as a partner, but an internal crisis threatens to destroy the firm. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: A Weird Year  Season 5, Episode 22

Louis Canning plots; Jackie and Veronica make food together. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: The One Percent  Season 5, Episode 21

Alicia's client can't keep his mouth shut. Louis does what Louis does. Finn has a terrible new haircut. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: The Deep Web  Season 5, Episode 20

This episode has another case about the dark side of technology. [more inside]
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