Bridgerton: Season 2 - Anthony
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The Bridgerton family is back, and this time, it's Anthony looking for love.
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My SO has your season summary: "The hot duke isn't in it this time".
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I'm excited to dive into this tonight. Also super curious how regular romance readers will assess it vs. non-romance people. In Romancelandia, we're totally used to the idea that in a series of books, you might see little or none of the previous books' main characters in the subsequent books. So it bothers me not at all that the hot duke isn't in it this time.

Also, while I'm certainly aware of the Bridgerton books, I haven't read any of them, so I'm going in delightfully unspoiled.
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FYI, SO is not from Romancelandia.
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> My SO has your season summary: "The hot duke isn't in it this time".

It's not faaaairrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I wish this show was like BlackAdder and we had this one guy be the lead every season.
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Bridgerton Episode 1: Capital R Rake.
I love the shot of Newton's happy doggy face....cutting to Lady Danbury's straight up unhappy frown.
Eloise is ducking EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. This should be a challenge to pull off until season 5.
Anthony and the boys reminds me of Lin-Manuel Miranda's quote about the guys at Hamilton's "A Winter's Ball." I can't find it now but it was something like males being gross, disgusting males? YUPPERS.
Kate telling Anthony off about ladies being chattel, yessssssssssss.
There's a bit of Katerina/Bianca in the Kate/Edwina relationship, isn't there?
Eloise and Anthony being catty about going to balls is great.
"Are you and the modiste ah, still making a stitch?" LOL.
Someone please explain to me why a lady being good at needlework would sell her as a wife? Because trust me, that's never been a selling point for ME with anybody...
Poor Anthony: pickiness is never a good thing, and I say from experience.
I hate Lady Featherington. "Colin Bridgerton is no more your friend...." ASSHOLE.
I like that Kate's in a secret plot with Edwina's jerky grandparents to get money/marrying her off.
LOL at "If the queen names Eloise the diamond, then who will you marry?"
"We must leave! The queen, I somehow managed to charm her!"
Disappointing people by walking into a room---I HEAR YA, ELOISE.
Being a wallflower frees you, Penelope says. Take hint, Eloise.

Episode 2: Off To The Races.
Yup, it's Taming of the Sister Shrew. Mixed with P&P because hearing a guy shit talking ladies will do you in.
"You simply chose the horse everyone else has chosen" sums up Anthony in a nutshell.
I LOVE how Kate takes down his horse choice. Love it.
Awww, Eloise the budding feminist just wants to talk feminism(?) with Lady W.
LOL Trojan Horse.
I enjoy Anthony's mom telling him off.
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Episode 3: A Bee In Your Bonnet
OH NO IT'S THE BEE DEATH SCENE. OH GOD THEY SHOWED IT OHMYGOD I JUST WATCHED THAT. Obviously in the books that's long past, but watching the poor guy die out of nowhere :(
I see a doggie!!!
I love how Eloise gives no fucks about babies. Forget all the hype about whether or not Benedict is bi, Eloise is clearly the family member not given to traditional bonkadoodles.
"a help to me last season" "Is that a promise or a threat?" LOLOLOLOL.
I love Daphne's rundown of how everyone plays Pall Mall.
I love how Kate just sassily is all "I have on great shoes and a fancy dress and I AM GOING TO WADE INTO THIS MUCK ANYWAY." I just love her being all balls to the walls about stuff. She's fucking great.
I do miss the "Kate sinks Anthony's ball into the lake, fuck you" aspect of this (instead they end up in mud), but this is pretty good too.
Telling Anthony to decide whether or not his mother dies--not HER decision--is fucking sickening.
I love and want Kate's dresses. They are the best.
"This little baby did not do me the kindness of killing me." OMG. II can't imagine being Hyacinth and growing up with that attitude. "No air, no air" is now going through my head (damn you, Chris Brown).
Anthony doesn't want to be devastated like his mom was. Wow.
Nice druggie finger painting, Benedict!
Penelope making a deal with Madame Delacroix is certainly new and I rather like it.
I note that in the books, Anthony ah...literally attacks Kate's boob trying to suck the poison out and is caught by his mamma, her mamma, and Lady Featherington, and thus they are forced to wed. Apparently NOT the case here. Darn it, I was looking forward to that!!!
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Episode 4: Victory
GET HIM, KATE! DO NOT FUCK WITH KATE AND SPORTS. Even Anthony is all "OF COURSE SHE DOES" when Edwina says Kate is an excellent shot.
"That was an olive joke."
Phillip: plant nerd.
You don't see too many "The Missus and the Ex" trope situations with two men and a lady, but here we go.
I'm not too happy to see Marina back, but I'm pleased to see her more grown up these days.
Eloise has been fixed up with Punch Spiking Guy. Alas.
Poor, sweet, naive Edwina. As Daphne said, "interesting plan" to that.
I love Kate's stone cold face as Edwina claims Kate wants to dance with him.
Yes, this is hot. This is all about the longing this season, not the banging (apparently)
Poor Daphne: alone, bored and horny on the dance floor.
Can someone who's more of a historical expert than me explain if "compromised" (i.e. a man alone with a lady at all and then getting caught at it) ACTUALLY happened? I know it happens in virtually every Regency romance (see previous episode bee comments), but I tried looking online for evidence of this and found nothing concrete as to whether or not this actually happened.
I'd feel sorry for Lord Jack, but Cressida is so awful that even Prudence is an improvement over that.
On a related note, I'm pretty sure Daphne's not a squealer. Watch her go after the spiked punch.
What is in the Featherington gene pool with all this scandal/manipulation shit? Total deja vu for Penelope and Lady W knowing again.
Aw fuck, Anthony did a last minute proposal to Edwina. Disappoint.
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Episode 5: An Unthinkable Fate
Queen clearly making it All About Her, somehow.
I note that in the books, these two WERE obliged to marry (but also, Edwina didn't really give a shit about Anthony).
And now we're into Hamilton territory re: sisters.
"Here I am, feeding the ducks." Foreshadowing season 4....
I do enjoy Jack insulting Lady F. She frankly deserves it.
Dunking men in the lake: now we're back into P&P territory.
This painting model lady is a smart cookie to find another way to get into the lectures.
Um...not so great on telling 'em, Mrs. Sheffield.
...and now he's calling off the engagement.
...Ohhhhh my. "You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires." HOT.
You tell 'em, Pen!
"For years, I have suffered the indignities of the ton's disdain." -probably for your personality, madam.
Lady F is QUITE the scammer.
Now I'm depressed.
Awww. I wish I could root for Eloise and Theo. I'd be surprised if the show went that way though.
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I'm only on ep2 but I really wish Anthony was a more likeable character.
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Episode 6, "The Choice."
Kitten has claws! Edwina, after seeing Anthony stop to grab Kate's fallen bracelet, has a clue bat drop on her head and runs out of the wedding and starts telling Kate off. GOOD JOB, GIRL.
"Must you always be" Yeah, Eloise, everyone thinks that of me too.
Oh, I forgot Gregory and Hyacinth existed. (Francesca is, of course, gone again--I read somewhere the actress moved on after 3 episodes this season.) They each have a line!
Were moving status A Thing in 1800's? I just see that shit in modern San Francisco.
All this poor girl is is a "diamond" to you?!
Give him that bitchface, Edwina, he's deserving it.
Kate is a "thorn" and "shall have no place in our future." COLD, dude. "Free of her." What an asshole.
"More plotting and scheming to get her to comply?" Good point. "I have ruined her life."
Lady D and Lady B are just losing it right now.
Very Eliza and Angelica right now. Prudence copying the statue?!?!
Will smells a rat. Finally, Will has an interesting plot for 2 seconds.
Waaaaaaaaaait a minute, do I smell some cougar attraction going on here with your "future mother-in-law?!" DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN THIS IS THE MOST SURPRISING THING IN THIS EPISODE.
Every time I look at the Queen's wigs, I feel sorry for that poor actress and the whopping headaches she must have.
Awwww. Poor king. This is a tear-jerker.
Awwww. *hums "Purpose" from Avenue Q*
"Have you seen the peacocks?!?!" LOL.
Yes, good point there, Queen. I'm respecting her more now.
GOOD JOB GIRL. Edwina rocks.
"I have thoughts." "I can see why that would cause problems for someone in your world." LOL.
BOOK NERD LOVE BETWEEN TWO NERDS. Oh, I wish I could root for this!
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Just finished the season. In some ways, I think I liked it more than S1 (though my memory of S1 is a bit hazy already - glad for Netflix's recap clip at the start). I agree that S2 is "more about the longing than the banging", as jenfullmoon said, and I liked the longing looks and charged touches more than the sex montages of S1.

I enjoyed the classical-ified pop music choices. I don't remember that being a thing in S1, was it?

Penelope continues to dig the pit of irredeemability. I don't know if she gets a happy-ever-after in the books -- I assume she would, since it's a Regency romance series and most everyone can get a redemption arc and an HEA, but, it's going to be hard to pull off if she keeps backstabbing someone every season.
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Yes, the classical pop music thing happened in S1 too. I think they stole it from "Reign."

Penelope did NOT have backstabbing plotlines in the books. The show is much more souped up in a lot of ways than how the books went.
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Episode 7: Harmony
LOL the benefit of this is leftover cake.
"I give credit to your imagination, Lady Danbury." INDEED.
I am deeply enjoying the btichfaces on Lady B and Lady D right now.
This episode should be called "Cooties" at the rate this is going.
"Let's throw a ball!" is the solution to their PR woes? Is this the CW?
Catty catty cat cat Edwina!
THE HORMONES. "Was I truly THAT BLIND? Were they ALWAYS THIS OBVIOUS?!?!" LOLOLOLOL sadly reminds me of my own life. I just rewound that and watched it a few times over.
"I suggest the two of you stay on opposite sides of the room at all times."
Um, yes, Anthony, you fucked up. Nice to know you're aware of it. Like, I kinda root for them because of the hormones, but at the same time you want him to stop insisting on doing shit this dumb?
Madame Delacroix suggests that Pen write about Eloise looking ugly. I note that that's what Pen does about herself in the books--every time she makes Whistledown under her own name, it's commenting on a dress her mother picked out that Pen hates. HMMMMMM. You know what might be better proof though? ELOISE WASN'T OUT LAST YEAR TO BE IN ON ALL THE TON GOSSIP.
LOL sex ed education. Benedict continues to have the second most boring plots on the show after Will.
Why, yes, he does seem stoned again, whyever do you ask?
I hate to be mean like this, but do we need to keep Will on this show? His sad empty club just makes me sad. He's the Marina of season 2 except less severely bad.
Welp, this just got more interesting with sleazy Lord Jack around.
And now you've crushed dreamy little Edwina with reality.
Catty catty cat cat Mrs. B!!!!
Uh-oh, what part of "don't fuck with the Bridgertons in your scammy exploits" did Jack miss? Also, Colin...still dumbish, sigh. Okay, not that he'd know any better.
Hyacinth loses it on the word "harmony." Meanwhile, Daphne's been written out of the episode.
And the shunning continues, as nobody shows to the ball, but the Bridgertons party on their own anyway. Which is rather sweet.
And...Lady W just published. Outing Eloise and her political leanings. OH MY. Damn. This show makes me want to hate Penelope, doesn't it? No coming back from that one, now is there.
"At least I know I am kinder-hearted than you." Burn!
For those of you complaining there hasn't been enough boning on this show: HERE YOU GO.
Nothing to ruin your afterglow like a sudden storm.
What was that, suicide via horse?!
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Episode 8: The Viscount who Loved Me (finally)
"I suppose I could use a larger gun cabinet" is one of the most stupid, shallow things I've ever heard on this show.
"Everyone does love a touch of drama." - this show.
Wait, your beloved has a concussion AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED TO GO OVER THERE FOR A WEEK?! Look, I buy it if they don't let you in (I would not), but...dude, you suck on some levels yea mightily.
"I shall send a few necklaces to express my sympathies." ??????????? This may be right up there with the gun cabinet.
And Colin....sweet but fucking stupid. I miss the books' Colin, who was much smarter than this.
OH MY. "You could be their queen." Now that is BAIT.
Awwwwwwwwww his mom.
Eloise is OUT FOR BLOOD.
"We would like to be gilded." WHAT.
"All drink and no paint," LOL.
OUCH, bribery. he's allowed to walk into her bedchamber while she's in her nightie?!?!
OH SHIT there goes the ring again.
Awwwww on Theo.
This scene with Benedict and Eloise on swings (again) is rather sweet.
Wait, Gregory gets a plot?
Mary and Kate's relationship is ADORABLE. In the books and here as well.
The Queen's BITCH FACE is MIGHTY this evening. As is the leaning tower of wig.
Awwww, Mrs. B.
"Enjoying your evening?" "Me neither."
"They cannot possibly say anything about us that we have not heard before." INTERESTING.
HAHAHAH HE JUST SMASHED THE RUBIES. Colin just one-upped in brains.
Oh for fuck's sake...and yup, he just kissed Lady F.
"I will always look after you, Penelope. You are special to me." AWWWWWWW.
LOL use of "Wrecking Ball."
"Is THAT why the sister's wedding did not happen?"
QUEEN, IT'S STILL NOT ABOUT YOU. That said, your assistance is rather sweet.
Look at the Cowper bitchfaces.
Yup, the clue bat hit Eloise.
"I am the one that did something great" smacks of Colin and and Penelope in the book....
Wow, Lady F's giving him the boot. OMG SHE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT HER KIDS. I'm actually impressed by her now.
OH NO, THIS WAS FROM THE BOOKS. Colin says he'd never court Penelope "in your wildest dreams." (I note that in the book he said he'd never marry her.) They ARE doing Colin/Penelope instead of Benedict next season, aren't they? I read the rumor...
"there will never be a day where you don't vex me." LOL TRUTH.
And yet, awwwww.
And Colin just helped Will's business. That's sweet.
"I wrote my way out?"
For those of you complaining about a lack of sex, HERE YOU GO.
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I agree Coaticass. I read a couple of the Bridgerton books, and found most of the Bridgertons boring or downright unlikeable, but I loved the characters they fell for as a general rule.
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Does this season have more sexual assault that gets hand waved away as “turns out this was a good thing”? Or do we get to skip that kind of grossness this time?
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They skip that, this time the woman actually seems to know the basics ahead of time and the man consents the whole way through.

I enjoyed it on the whole. Kate's the best.
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I loved the hell out of it. I'm a Romancelandia person, but haven't read the books. Loved Kate and Anthony, loved the actors even more. Would really just like a whole lot more Kate and Anthony ok thanks very much.
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I read book 1 after seeing S1, but didn't feel compelled to keep going. Not that the book was bad, but it seemed like a pretty bog-standard Regency setting/story, which makes it kind of dull after all the eye-candy of watching the show. It feels like white-washing, even though it's the source material. (It's kind of funny seeing the cover art for the series on Amazon -- books 1 and 2 have the Netflix cast featured now, while the remaining books are still all generic/disembodied white people.)
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Okay, my deep thoughts:

Kate/Anthony: Anthony is still kinda jerk-ish, but I guess you get where he is coming from on wanting to avoid heartbreak. Kate is amazing and badass. I admit that their hormonal chemistry was really getting to me, though. The scene in episode seven where after the dog comes in and they're getting closer and closer and Edwina is all "Was I blind?!" is brilliant.

It seems like most of the reviews of this show are complaining about (a) a lack of Simon and (b) that there isn't as much crazy sex going on this year. Deal with it, people.

As a book reader, I do have to make adjustments (I admit I was disappointed that Anthony didn't literally try to suck bee poison out of Kate's boob on the show, as this has always amused me in the book), but I'm happy Pall Mall was still sizzling and we even got two games of it. Edwina being more into the idea of marrying Anthony did make for sad love triangle.


I still love Kate's family and their closeness, especially how Lady Mary considers Kate her own kid and the whole "fuck you, Sheffields, y'all still suck" stuff. Edwina finally figuring things out and telling Kate off was great.

Queen, it's NOT ABOUT YOU, but the moment where the King wandered in was poignant.

Featherington Scammers: I can't say I'm shocked that Lady F would enthusiastically jump into the idea of scamming the ton with Lord Jack's dead ruby mines, but I was surprised that he was kind of coming on to her and wanting them to be a scamming team. I almost kind of rooted for it in an evil sort of way. But then she turned against him and threw him out! Good job, Lady F!
Also, good job, Colin, for getting some brains for once there. I love Colin in the books and have not loved Show Colin because he comes off dumb, but this was good.

Colin/Penelope: I've read some rumors that they plan on skipping ahead to Colin and Pen instead of doing Benedict right away, and this last episode sure seemed to indicate that, especially with Penelope overhearing the insult like she did in the books, albeit it's a bit different.

Eloise/Penelope: WOW. Just wow. I wanted to root for Eloise and Theo's nerd love, but knew it was doomed. Eloise figuring it out, DAMN. (That's an improvement over the books, which waffled that.) I don't know how you come back from that to be sisters-in-law, for sure.

Still don't care about whatever Benedict is getting up to at art school (I did like the model saying she was posing so she could hear the lectures), but did enjoy his scenes with Eloise. Was amused that actually getting stoned on tea was a plot point this year.

I didn't super care about Will's trying to start a club, but I did like how it tied in with the Featherington scamming. That was nice.
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I wish I didn’t have to spend the first two or three episodes re-learning how to tell the three older brothers apart.
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Look it's perfectly simple. Colin's Callow, Benedict's Bohemian and Anthony's an A$$hole. Although he did grow on me from ep3. And the protags are well-matched in being cranky, feisty, and etc. A lot of great comic moments too, character-wise and I had to rewind that pratfall at the lake! Yes the pratfall itself, I had to make sure no dogs were harmed.. not the wet shirt moment.
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I enjoyed this so much! It was balm to my soul.

I read that lots of people disliked that this season had a lot less sex and was less 'groundbreaking' than season 1. But I preferred this to season 1 and actually found it significantly hotter. I liked season 1 fine, but I went away with zero sense of the two main characters as actual people. I like that Kate and Anthony actually seem to have something in common - similar personalities, a sense of their place in the world and a resistance to putting their wants first. I loved all the Endless Tormented Yearning (TM) - Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley acted the hell out of those scenes, so when Anthony is like, overwhelmed by catching a whiff of Kate's scent on the breeze as she walks past him it is silly but it's also kind of affecting and sweet. It might be old fashioned and tropey, but some things are tropes because they work.

I've read some of the books - this kind of wallpaper historical romance isn't my thing, although I love romance novels. I liked the book this series was based on, so I knew I would like the series, but in the event, I preferred the series.

I'm not a book purist, so I was interested by some of the changes they introduced, and intrigued about what choices they will make as the series continues.

Other random observations:

1. Eloise/Theo Thingy - I didn't care much about this pairing, even though I enjoy Eloise as a character. I remember that in the books she gets with Philip Crane, the widower of Marina Something. Marina, very much alive, and her gentle, botany-obsessed, and extremely handsome husband do make a cameo appearance in this season which made very little sense to me as a narrative choice unless they are planning to do something with them later, so I wondered if they were planting the seeds for future Eloise/Philip except there was that whole thing with Theo which made me wonder otherwise.

2. Peneloise for life - I hope they make up. I'm sure they will. How can they not? I honestly feel like this relationship is the beating emotional heart of the whole show.

3. Penelope - I do enjoy her, gossipy and manipulative though she is, she is a textbook woobie, and I love that they are putting all these roadblocks between her and her (inevitable, surely) happily ever after with Colin Bridgerton. I feel like a straight arrow like Colin is going to be vastly unimpressed with the whole Lady Whistledown thing and isn't the type of person to easily understand why Penelope would do such a thing.

4. One thing I haaaaated about season 1 was the queerbaiting stunt they pulled with Benedict. They kept dangling the possibility of his being bi or at least bi-curious and then pulling away from it. They leaned back from it again this season, which was very annoying. I still think that despite the much vaunted inclusivity of the casting, which don't get me wrong as a brown person I really enjoy, they could do so much better by presenting intentionally remaining single, or being in a non-heterosexual relationship, as as much of a happily ever after as marriage and babies and all that.

5. As a South Asian, enjoyed all the shout outs to South Asian culture, especially Kate's love of proper chai, the dreamy orchestral cover of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham etc. But I also feel the need to nitpick. I was confused as to which part of India the Sharmas were supposed to be from and wondered if they were just meant to be vaguely pan-Indian as opposed to a specific part. Were they supposed to be Bengali? The terms Edwina and Kate use to address each other are Bengali so I thought, maybe? I was jarred by Simone Ashley's pronunciation of বোন - it's more correctly pronounced like a softer version of the English word 'bone'. Whereas the actor pronounces it more like 'bon' (বন) which means 'forest'. Pronunciation-matters aside, the bon thing didn't ring authentic in the way that Edwina addressing her older sister as Didi did feel authentic. Basically you would call your older sister Didi, but you're much more likely to use an affectionate family-only pet-name for your little sister than just use the word 'sister'. /end extremely specific nitpicking.
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Marina, very much alive, and her gentle, botany-obsessed, and extremely handsome husband do make a cameo appearance in this season which made very little sense to me as a narrative choice unless they are planning to do something with them later, so I wondered if they were planting the seeds for future Eloise/Philip except there was that whole thing with Theo which made me wonder otherwise.

I think the Marina cameo was there in service of Penelope/Colin -- showing that Marina wasn't miserable in the marriage, freeing Colin to get over her, maybe trying to make Penelope's S1 betrayal less unforgivable to the audience if it can be rationalized away with a "well, she's content now, so, it all worked out". And now the show has the betrayal of Eloise to reconcile with, so I think they just wanted to put some closure on that S1 plot.
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Why do they call it "the Ton"? What is that short for?

How many extra face bones do you think Jonathan Bailey has in his face just for acting? So many dramatic face bone!
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I don't think Penelope betrayed Eloise. She never would have said anything about Eloise in her column if Eloise wasn't terrified of the Queen's retribution. Maybe if Penelope told Eloise about her family's financial troubles she would be more forgiving?
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I just finished episode 5. I really like that they've built up the tension by making it clear how much Kate adores her sister, and by making Edwina very easy to like. It's obvious that Anthony will end up with Kate, but I hate to see Edwina hurt.

Also, I wonder if they're going to combine Benedict and Colin/Penelope into one season? Frankly, I wish they would skip past both B and C and go straight to Eloise. She's the only really interesting Bridgerton sibling. Colin is just sort of dumb and reminds me of a super rich kids who spends like one summer abroad and suddenly comes back and all they can talk about is how authentic their experience was and how you've never lived until you travelled etc. And Penelope would have been much more likable if it weren't for the whole Lady Whistledown, selling out Marina, and apparently selling out Eloise.

And Benedict is so bland that for the whole first season, I didn't even realize he was his own character. I kept confusing him with the other brothers. He is sort of amusing while he's on drugs. Is he just stoned for the whole second half of the season? It sort of seems that way.

tl;dr More Eloise, please and thank you. I know this is never going to happen, but I totally want her to get together with Theo but never marry, never have kids. I'd love to see her really break the mold. Alas, I'm sure she'll get her own season to fall in love and decide that having a family is in fact her true purpose in life or whatever.
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"Ton (le bon ton) tells us, 'The ton' is a term commonly used to refer to Britain’s high society during the late Regency and the reign of George IV, and later. It is a French word meaning (in this sense) 'manners' or 'style' and is pronounced as in French. The full phrase is le bon ton meaning 'good manners' or 'good form' – characteristics held as ideal by the British beau monde. The term le beau monde, literally meaning "the beautiful world' (but here meaning 'fashionable people,' or 'fashionable society'), was similar to le bon ton during the nineteenth century. 'The ton' has also been used to refer to the Upper Ten Thousand of later 19th-century society, including most of the peerage, aristocracy and wealthy merchants or bankers of the City (of London)."
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wondered if they were just meant to be vaguely pan-Indian as opposed to a specific part. Were they supposed to be Bengali? The terms Edwina and Kate use to address each other are Bengali

Oh I didn't realize they were using Bengali terms, I must have missed something? What Bengali did they use?

I thought the sisters were from Maharashtra. Kate said they speak Marathi and they're from Bombay - though tbf Bombay is extremely cosmopolitan and it would be unsurprising that a Bengali family would be from there. I also noticed the wedding bangles Kate has from her mother have green in them which afaik is a Maharashtrian hindu custom.

But if you're right about the Bengali then whelp I'm super confused, or I guess disappointed. I thought the green bangles were an especially authentic subtle detail for a Marathi family...I was so impressed.
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Also, I wonder if they're going to combine Benedict and Colin/Penelope into one season?


Hmmmm. I vaguely recall Benedict met his girl in the books in a Cinderella at the ball fashion and then it took another two years to re-meet her again. I suppose they could set that up in a Colin/Penelope season and THEN get to Benedict.

Much as I like Eloise, I wasn't thrilled with her being paired with Philip in the book and frankly, would prefer her with Theo. Or anyone like that.

I do wonder how much the show will stick to the book pairings, especially the ones like Benedict/Sophie* and Philip/Eloise** that were probably the weakest of the bunch in the books, IMO. They queerbaited Benedict on the show, which was a bad idea if they had no intention of actually going through with that, because people WANT THEIR GAY in the 2020's and will be super disappointed if they don't get it. Also wondering how people will react if a known version of Marina is killed off--especially if she does herself in out of postpartum depression or whatever-- so Eloise can have him. It's not an issue in the books when you never meet the woman.

* Cinderella plot, kind of works depressingly in Regency context because they basically end up kinda shunned from society and living in the country avoiding people.
** He's a distracted science nerd not really paying attention to his kids, literally the only guy in Regencyworld who you would NOT refer to as a "rake." Eloise is basically Mary Poppins/Maria von Trapp and becomes instant perfect stepmom after having grown up in a large family and whips 'em into shape in 24 hours.

posted by jenfullmoon at 10:02 PM on March 28, 2022

But if you're right about the Bengali then whelp I'm super confused, or I guess disappointed. I thought the green bangles were an especially authentic subtle detail for a Marathi family...I was so impressed.

I love that kind of regional specificity too! I just kept getting jarred by details that didn't make sense although that might be my limited knowledge. Some other reviewers were confused as well:

Although, I can’t really place them in their Indian identity. The Sharma sisters can speak Marathi and Hindustani but call their parents Appa & Amma and each other Didi and Bon, the latter being a Bangla word for little sister. It is a bit jarring and also weird that a show as big as this couldn’t get linguistic nuances right.
posted by unicorn chaser at 2:24 AM on March 29, 2022 [1 favorite]

unicorn chaser, oh, I didn't know Bon was a Bengali word! I thought it was just a strange kind of nickname for someone whose given name is Edwina, lol. And Didi (the hindi/urdu/hindustani word for older sister) is sufficiently commonly all over India that I didn't think much of it (though Tai would be the strictly Marathi word). But that reviewer is totally right about Appa (which predominantly south Indian for dad). How annoying!

I wish I knew enough about last names to figure out whether Sharma is a Maharashtrian last name. AFAIK most natively Maharashtrian last names end in "kar" (though ofc there are exceptions). The thing is, Sharma, specifically, is a UP (north Indian) surname I believe, and most north Indians who settle in Mumbai are too snooty to learn Marathi. But now I'm just getting waaay into the weeds of this thing. I suppose Sharma is fine.

You know what gets my goat, though, is their first names being Christian names. Edwina is understandable because her mother is English, and maybe she chose it. But Kate? Are you fucking kidding me?? What natively Indian Hindu couple in the Regency era names their child Kate? This isn't a problem that's limited to Bridgerton, it's *everywhere* in American media featuring desi people: an inexplicable Christian or at least Anglo first name given to people from Hindu families.

(Muslim Asians, when they appear at all on screen or in novels, manage to get muslim-sounding names - but then again, muslim Asians are apparently ALWAYS middle-eastern and muslims don't even exist in any other part of Asia, if we go by American media, ugh. A more egregious form of awful - I'll save that essay for another day!)
posted by MiraK at 6:52 AM on March 29, 2022 [1 favorite]

MiraK I thought -- based on the big moment in the last episode -- that Kate's real name is Kathani, and thus "Kate" is just a nickname she's using in England. It felt so meaningful that Anthony, in his big declaration of love, uses her full name.
posted by BlahLaLa at 7:09 AM on March 29, 2022 [4 favorites]

Thank you for the info, cooker girl - I had it in my head that it was short for Bridgerton and I was super confused.

Finished the season last night. I think I liked it more than season 1. Jonathan Bailey is a revelation - put him in everything, please.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 7:45 AM on March 29, 2022 [1 favorite]

Ooh I am still on episode 6! :) Your comment has made my day, BlahLaLa.
posted by MiraK at 8:11 AM on March 29, 2022 [2 favorites]

MiraK I'm sorry I spoiled it for you! But it is truly one of my favorite moments in the entire thing, because it's an example of how Anthony is the only one who really sees her and gets her.
posted by BlahLaLa at 8:43 AM on March 29, 2022

A video of all the Kate/Anthony moments in season 2. It's really hot.

P.S. If anyone knows of a webpage with photos of all of Kate's outfits, please let me know. I want them all so bad.
posted by jenfullmoon at 12:27 PM on March 30, 2022 [5 favorites]

Glad I'm not the only one watching fan videos on YouTube. Squeeeeeeeeee.

They've already confirmed Anthony/Kate are locked down for season 3. Something tells me anyone new joining the series will be signed to a never-ending contract just in case.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 8:11 AM on March 31, 2022 [3 favorites]

I'm slow to this (needed a break from overwrought costume drama post - Gilded Age), but I preferred this season to the first. This sort of show is all about the main couple's chemistry for me, and Kate/Anthony were way more convincing in that regard than Duke/Duchess.

I liked the Sharma sisters so much, and I hope Edwina does end up with that prince I sort of forgot about from season 1. I'd like to see more of that actress, but that character is way too good to be stuck with a Bridgerton.

This season did feel too long, but I mostly liked the individual elements. Needed more Newton and Pall Mall, and less promenading, in my opinion.
posted by the primroses were over at 11:05 AM on April 11, 2022 [1 favorite]

My wife and I just finished it up. We felt that the season was a little too long, given that the entire season was about keeping the two characters apart when you know about 1.3 seconds after they meet that they are going to get together. We had a couple of episodes where they know they are in love and everyone else knows they are in love and yet she insists she's going to move back to India and they'll never see each other again. Come ON!

The show still looks gorgeous. Not just the people, but the things. The colors! The set decoration is wonderful and the cinematography is doing whatever it needs to do to make everything pop. It's all so pretty.

I think Edwina forgave her sister a little too completely, too quickly, but whatever.

Kate calling Edwina "bon" did not work for me, but "didi" for Kate was fine. I assumed "bon" was "good" (good sister?) which didn't make much sense. "Didi" sounds similar to the Mandarin for "younger brother" so I had no difficulty in accepting it as a word for "younger sister".
posted by It's Never Lurgi at 9:13 AM on April 13, 2022

I think "bon" is supposed to be a term for "older sister."

when you know about 1.3 seconds after they meet that they are going to get together. We had a couple of episodes where they know they are in love and everyone else knows they are in love and yet she insists she's going to move back to India and they'll never see each other again. Come ON!

That's literally every romance in every media, ever!
posted by jenfullmoon at 9:20 AM on April 13, 2022

I would watch 1,000 hours of this. Thank god there are so many Bridgerton children. I would like each season to be 20 episodes long. I would like subplots about baking all the cakes, making dresses, the queen's wigs, tons of Pall Mall. No detail too small.

I would — and this is almost certainly not happening — looooove a Christmas special about the kanthony wedding. I would like to see the reaction of every single other character, including the modiste and Theo, to the news that they're finally together.
posted by purpleclover at 2:13 PM on April 15, 2022 [7 favorites]

With a subplot where Edwina gets engaged! To the prince or not (but I think she might like the prince?)
posted by purpleclover at 2:15 PM on April 15, 2022 [1 favorite]

-not spoilery book talk-

Also, as part of my "I only wish to live within Bridgerton" enthusiasm, I read the second book yesterday. It's ... okay and certainly readable, but Julia Quinn spends, like, too long fat-shaming the dog??!?!?!!!

I'm impressed with the plot the TV writers came up with; it all was richer and more interesting than the source material, even beyond bringing in nonwhite people (which is delightful). Giving Kate a reason to not just go for Anthony herself was very clever!
posted by purpleclover at 2:27 PM on April 15, 2022 [1 favorite]

I would — and this is almost certainly not happening — looooove a Christmas special about the kanthony wedding. I would like to see the reaction of every single other character, including the modiste and Theo, to the news that they're finally together.

I want to see the ton's reaction to "The Queen put on this big wedding for Anthony and Edwina and then they bailed out, and now he daring to have another wedding?!?! TO HER SISTER?1?l!" I honestly suspect they kinda eloped or at least had a private quickie of some kind to avoid that drama.
posted by jenfullmoon at 3:05 PM on April 15, 2022 [2 favorites]

Ok, a Christmas special would be delightful. I had not even considered that, and now it's all I want in the world. Can they all celebrate Diwali at the start of the episode and then work their way to Christmas or New Years, please and thank you?
posted by the primroses were over at 3:53 PM on April 15, 2022 [3 favorites]

Watched the whole season over a few days with my partner, both of us howling over how absolutely awful it was, how nobody in the history of the world actually acts like this, that the sex is awful, and so on, and at the same time in fits of happiness over the costumes, and the general silliness, and of course the only relationship that's really worth investing in, ie Elouise and Pen. Can't wait for Season Three to do it all over again.
posted by jokeefe at 3:40 PM on April 24, 2022 [4 favorites]

We've been enjoying the show, but good lord could it stand to be gayed up by about 30% or so. Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury could hook up, or any of the brothers who all look exactly alike could hook up with one of the other several other guys that look just like them. Anything would be fine. Otherwise why even waste a chamber version of an early Madonna song?
posted by Cookiebastard at 12:39 PM on April 25, 2022 [5 favorites]

I was (and am) pretty sick and The Great was too much for me. I needed something with a bit less killing and wanted something historical. This was exactly what I needed. I only dimly remember the book, but I was really pleased with what they did with the season. I like the plotlines they are creating to keep other characters integrated into the show. I was really expecting the new Lord Featherington to screw over Lady Featherington, so I was delighted at that twist. A bit disappointed that they haven't worked in the Smythe-Smith Quarter, even as a running joke. But this was just the light thing I needed to binge watch.
posted by rednikki at 1:19 PM on April 25, 2022 [1 favorite]

Make Benedict queer!!! We all want this!
posted by purpleclover at 8:34 AM on April 26, 2022 [1 favorite]

I'll say this. The show knows how to deploy a string cover of Wrecking Ball.
posted by Urtylug at 4:49 PM on May 1, 2022 [2 favorites]

I am still thinking about this season! There was something so off about the pacing; I liked all the individual pieces (the leads did such a nice job with all their yearning and whatnot), but it didn't hang together correctly. Writing: It turns out it's very important.

Also, I want to watch something else exactly like this. What is that? Help.
posted by purpleclover at 1:44 PM on May 6, 2022 [2 favorites]

Season Three is Confirmed to be Penelope and Colin's story
posted by Julnyes at 9:12 AM on May 18, 2022 [3 favorites]

I totally missed Francesca's existence in either season and surmised that the missing child with an F name died in early childhood. I thought it was a really nice way to subtly clue for a sad story that might come up at some point.
posted by vibratory manner of working at 10:40 PM on May 28, 2022

LOL, that sounds like Cheaper By The Dozen, in which one of the kids died very early on and the family just...ignored that in the books almost entirely. I always kinda suspected it ruined the joke to admit that they never had 12 kids alive at the same time.

Francesca is a total nonentity in the series EXCEPT for her book, book 6. So that's been the same so far. That said, oddly enough I remember her book actually being very good, go figure.
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:37 AM on May 29, 2022

From what I understand, the actress playing Francesca in Seasons 1 & 2 ended up being less available than they hoped. They have recast the role so I expect we will see more of her!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 11:30 AM on June 28, 2022

I remember hearing a lot of negativity when Season 2 came out so I didn't watch it immediately. I've finally gotten to it, I'm currently on Episode 5, and I love it! The tortured glances, the longing touches, it's so much better than S1 sex scenes. Kate & Anthony actors are great and I might even prefer Anthony to S1 Duke if Anthony wasn't such an idiot. Plus all the absolutely beautiful costumes and scenery to feast my eyes upon! Yes, yes, you have to suspend your disbelief a bit, and quiet down your nitpicking, logical, plot-hole seeking side, but that's required for most shows anyway.

All in all, an excellent escape from reality for the very low cost of the one-month Netflix subscription.
posted by gakiko at 4:41 AM on August 4, 2022

This new video, The Rise & Fall of the Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, does an excellent job of explaining the whole history of this creation and the lawsuit.
posted by jenfullmoon at 9:30 AM on August 17, 2022

I'm a big fan of Barlow & Bear's work and I hope the legal issues with Netflix won't impede their careers. We need more female composers!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 11:01 AM on September 22, 2022

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