Morbius (2022)
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Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Michael Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.

Not the trainwreck it's reputed to be; just a little very mild (legit PG-13) horror. Probably going to be a stirring experience for a certain population of 14-to-16-year-olds (if you know, you know). I didn't want to smack Jared Leto at any point, so that's a big improvement over his other recent films.
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I don’t know, but want to know. Goths?
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Either you were once a 14-year-old girl (or sometimes boy) into vampires, or you weren't and that world is impenetrably sealed to you.
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Ha, ha! Yeah, okay.

I would totally go see a film adaptation of Vampire: The Masquerade, though.
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Seen on Twitter: Y'all be careful out there. I had two tickets to Morbius in my car and someone broke in and left four more.
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Seriously, it's not like I'd tell someone who doesn't like this kind of movie/genre to go see it, but I was genuinely ready to walk out if it got intolerable, and I've seen many a worse action film.
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I would totally go see a film adaptation of Vampire: The Masquerade, though.

One finger of the monkey’s paw curls horribly closed.
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As someone who had the second edition core book for Masquerade and also very much enjoyed Blade, how much Blade does this have in it, on a scale of "Not-Blade" to "Hella-Blade"?
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This movie's ancestor is Darkman, not Blade (or Underworld, for that matter). (That's actually giving it a little too much credit, but that's the vibe: set in a city, but not meaningfully urban.)
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> I would totally go see a film adaptation of Vampire: The Masquerade, though.

One finger of the monkey’s paw curls horribly closed.

This is the best chance I've had to tell this story: when the Vampire: The Masquerade TV series was first on, I was roommates with a guy who was heavily into LARPING that particular game. He and another of his LARP friends were hanging out in our place one night watching TV, and an ad for the show came on; some kind of quick-cut thing with unexplained funky visuals from various episodes. One of the visuals they had was a shot with a cluster of about eight guys standing in the middle of the room and chatting amongst themselves - and then after a couple seconds, they all suddenly and simultaneously draw guns and point them all in the same direction.

My roommate and his friend saw that and instantly said "I've done that in a game...."

....I've been hearing that the real appeal of this film is seeing Matt Smith revel in full on glorious scene-chewing villain mode.
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We just watched this, and Kitteh and I agree that the world could have done with a little Lessbius of this... thing. It apparently landed better with other people in the thread, but it felt weirdly inert to me -- the full plot laid itself bare in the first five minutes.

For some reason the first "kids in the hospital scene" hit me like the "Origin of Hector Boyardee" commercial and I spent a lot of the movie thinking of how much more fun it would be if Jared Leto's forbidden science was mainly figuring out how to cure blood disease through the unspeakable horror that is lasagna in a can.

Of all the weird inconsistencies and wild tonal shifts and things that just don't make sense -- including a succession of random people who just seem to wander into the "secure lab" -- he somehow punches his enemy with bats at the end, as far as I can tell? -- for some reason the post-post-credits scene bugged me the most, because there's just no logical sense to Adrian Toomes appearing in a new universe, re-creating a supersuit built using alien technology that never existed in this universe, tracking down some rando monster he reads about in a newspaper (I guess?), and then dropping the name Spider-Man like it means something. What in the world is that about?
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We just watched it because memes (it's morbin' time), intending to just laugh at it, but actually liked it. I think everything works except for the final scene, which is too short and just fell flat.
My son says he liked it better than The Batman and Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. He's wrong, but still.
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It apparently landed better with other people in the thread

To avoid any doubt, I am not saying it was good. I am just saying that in the context of the many, many crappy action-horror movies out there, and the many movies in which Jared Leto is annoying as hell, it was relatively harmless. If I was visiting people and they happened to be watching it, I wouldn't ask them to change the channel.
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A.V. Club: It Morbin' Time again, apparently, as Sony returns Morbius to theaters this weekend

I am tempted to catch it at a matinee just to juice the numbers and see if Sony will really green light a campy sequel
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i mean

this was awful
awful awful

even the trailer lied! no "what's up doc" with michael keaton.
no "the cure is worse than the disease" with jared harris

the best thing about this was I got to read about the internet memes

the second best is i now have a new ultra-low calibration for bad tv only slightly above "flesh gordon and the cosmic cheerleaders" or "highlights of CPAC 2010-2022, free rabies edition"
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It's clearly morbin' time.
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