Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Environmental Racism
May 3, 2022 8:24 AM - Season 9, Episode 9 - Subscribe

This week... Flordia governor Ron DeSantis, Texas governor Greg Abbott and L.A. County sherriff Alex Villanueva engage in destructive messaging to rile up their base. And Now: Shaquille O'Neal Can't Stop Explaining How To Save Money On Gas. Main Story: Environmental Racism, on how minorities are exposed to the effects of pollution much more than white people. On YouTube (22 minutes). Infuriating term of the episode: "sacrifice zone." And Now: People On TV Read Rejected License Plates Out Loud.
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I've fallen behind several episodes in posting these due to a personal project. I'm going to try to make them up....
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That Alex Villanueva campaign commercial was indeed insane. This episode was worth it for that what-the-fuckery alone.
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