Girls5eva: Season Two
May 7, 2022 9:20 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Girls5eva has to shift into #AlbumMode, but life tends to get in the way.

Streaming in the US on Peacock.
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"They got discovered on TikTok doing pushups to the audio from when Reagan was shot."
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I've only watched the first one, which begins, "In feel good news. Girls5eva, the one hit wonders best known for each having been engaged to Carson Daily." Hoping for a Rashomon episode!
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Surprise fight!
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Just watched both seasons, and while I liked them both, I think I liked Season 2 a little bit better. I think there was a little more room for character growth in this one, while a fair amount of Season 1 is setting up the Girls5eva reunification, and then the temporary breakup.

I kept thinking that I loved Summer's character growth, and then to have be a major plot point at the end was a delight.

I've enjoyed Chad Coleman on The Wire and The Expanse, and it was fun to watch him do something much less serious.

I think one thing that sets this show apart from other shows about older female entertainers is that the show doesn't lean as hard into the humiliation factor. Like it's embarrassing that they're the only ones who don't know that Lil Stinker has been cancelled, but the show doesn't wallow in that cringe factor. The focus immediately shifts to the characters making the best of the situation by getting creative with all of the backdrops/costumes/props to record a bunch of social media promotion stuff. Characters being clever and creative can be very funny, and I wish there was more of it in the sitcom world.

I hope the show gets renewed, but if this is the end, this feels like a reasonable stopping point, with the characters' hard work and growth starting to pay off.
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Streaming Shocker: ‘Girls5eva’ Moves To Netflix From Peacock For Season 3

Mostly surprising to me because I thought Netflix was only interested in dumping content these days, not acquiring it. I'm very happy that we're getting a season 3, though knowing Netflix, that'll probably be it.

Between this and the Rutherford Falls cancellation, there's not much to interest me in paying for Peacock.
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Peacock has that upcoming Rian Johnson/Natasha Lyonne show, Poker Face, and The Resort. Those are good.
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Quality remains high.

I love Busy Philips.

Chad Coleman ("We can just JO over facetime") is great, but Daniel Breaker as Scott ("We'll visit you in every city, as long as they have good ramen.") just killed throughout.

Paula Pell (Gloria) really grew on me this season.

Did like how Wickie's apparent breast size changes from scene-to-scene.

Looking forward to S03.
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