The Circle: Season 4
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From Netflix: On May 4, things are about to get “spicy.” Which, turns out, is a hint to at least one twist in the very first episode. Michelle Buteau returns as host.

Episode 1 ends with surprise new guests! 2 Spice Girls, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown, become 1 catfish. Will they feed the circle's love, or be forced to say goodbye? Who do they think they are? Well, they wannabe children's book author Jared. (We actually know they're gonna go go go, when the Circle reveals they are playing for a limited amount of time and that if they succeed as a catfish, that will increase the prize for the other players.)

Otherwise, in the first few episodes we meet Alyssa, Crissa, Frank, John (aka Carol, his mom), Bru, Parker (aka Paul, her dad), and Yu Ling. Parade knows of at least two more contestants.

Starting May 4, four episodes will drop each Wednesday until the show’s finale on May 25.
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So far we've watched the first two episodes.

I really want to be friends with Crissa. Frank and Yu Ling are also great, Alyssa is nice, and I am liking Bru more than I thought I would from his intro. John is also there (I get why the first vote went the way it did though, Carol DOES seem cool). And Parker makes choices that can best be described as “choices definitely made by Parker.” Emma and Melanie are hilarious.
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Parker is in danger - it's OK to not know things, but to not know what you don't know? Your Dad definitely knows what a "memoir" is. Talk less, smile more.
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2 episodes in now and I am remembering that sometimes my attention wanes since each episode is so full. I wish the episodes were shorter- like 23 minutes each and a little more traditional predictable structure. Maybe it’s just me!
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Fair. We tend to watch a couple in a row anyway, but it's also true that I'm kinda half watching while half playing on my phone, so I can see how shorter episodes could help. I do like that they play with the structure a bit! I've read that the original UK version playing live on TV did even more, because they would actually have things happen based on real-time fan surveys.

I feel like NKOTB are kind of having a moment right now for whatever reason, at least I've seen them popping up in memes and stuff, maybe they can be on next season.
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This was a fun season and I was pleased with the winner!
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I agree!
spoiler about two people getting eliminated.I also really liked that Nathan/Alex's scheming to throw Bru under the bus saved him from elimination for literally only a few hours. Bru got done dirty.

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