Parks and Recreation: 2017
January 14, 2015 6:32 AM - Season 7, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Leslie competes with a tech company for land, which she wants to turn into a national park.

First episode of the final season.
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That description is from IMDB. Here's one from wikipedia. It's much more descriptive, but it seemed a bit spoilery:

Three years into the future, Leslie is Regional Parks Director, Ben is still City Manager, both April and Andy are working for Leslie (with Andy having his own TV show), Ron left the Parks Department and owns a construction company, Tom is a mogul, owning Pawnee's most successful businesses and Donna is now successful with her Real Estate firm and is engaged. Ron and Leslie are now enemies due to an unknown reason called "Morning Star." Now, Ron is trying to steal land from Leslie, who is trying to make it a national park. Ben is honored at a Gala as Man of the Year for helping Pawnee getting back to normal. Elsewhere, April has withdrawals about her life with Andy.
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God I loved that house so much (the April and Andy house). I have daydreams about owning a house like that. The guy who lived there was also phenomenal. God that whole thing was so great.
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That was WERNER HERZOG. And the character is named Keg Jeggings. Keg Jeggings!

according to imdb, anyway
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Wow, Ron and Leslie as enemies is hardcore, man.

Nice speech, Tom.

The future is those tablets.
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Keg Jeggings was phenomenal, as was the new name of the law firm .
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Werner Herzog is like your favorite great-uncle who will do any stupid damn fun thing you want him to, but then when you grow up you find out that he was like a war hero and the lieutenant governor and the world's most renowned expert on the history of Flanders. He actually parodied himself in the Penguins of Madagascar movie last year.
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Yeah, my husband and I were sitting there all WHAT THE FUCK THAT'S WERNER HERZOG and missed the whole scene just being hilariously gobsmacked at the whole thing.
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Well if you can rewatch the scene, I'd recommend it because it is incredible.

"A show that knows what to do with a Werner Herzog cameo" is a nice description of Parks and Recreation.
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Oh yes, we re-watched it immediately. I should have mentioned that!
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Have not seen the episode yet, but check out this lovely interview with Mike Schur on Splitsider.
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That is a lovely interview. But honestly, whatever they do with the rest of the season, those forty-five seconds or so of Werner Herzog made me so happy that I officially declare this a successful final season of this show.
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Yesss that entire April/Andy/Werner Herzog house buying scene was perfect.
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How long until we find out what "Morningstar" means? That wasn't from last season, was it?

Also, that house that Andy and April buy looks exactly like the house in Fight Club where the wayward dudes lived and made soap and fought in the basement.
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How long until we find out what "Morningstar" means? That wasn't from last season, was it?

No, that's new. Must be from the three-year skip.
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I initially thought it was Don's childhood whorehouse from Mad Men but I don't care quite enough to pull up a photo and see if there's any resemblance at all or if I was just primed to think of it because of those ten delightful seconds of Jon Hamm.
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I also thought it was Don Draper's childhood home.
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Such a perfect use of Werner Herzog that I couldn't decide if it was actually him or not.

Also, it's obvious that whenever we do find out what "Morningstar" is, it will be something insignificant to everyone but Leslie Knope, right?
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My wild Morningstar guess is that it is a horse.
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The Herzog cameo was incredible. It took me a second to accept that it was happening and it was enjoyment from that time on.

April and Andy's crisis of boring kind of hit a chord with me, as I recalled that my first conversation with my best friend from high school after a few years silence ended up discussing high cholesterol. UGH. I need to take my clothes off and go streaking or something.

Morningstar appears to have happen the first year of the time jump. By that point, we know Leslie went with the National Park Service, but we don't know if Ron was still the director of Parks and Rec or not. It would seem most likely, if the two were going to butt heads, it would be while Ron was still in that capacity. The fact that the two are presently enemies is not shocking in the least, as multiple times throughout the show, Ron has pretty much stated that he can't stand Leslie's political views on government. What is shocking is whatever transpired, it overwhelmed their friendship. Which was the super glue that held them together.

I'm super happy that Tom's restaurant business has worked out. Woot, woot. I also loved how Ben had a momentary freak out over the fear that the gala was just an elaborate trick to get him into a place of humiliation and food throwing. Icetown really did a number on his psyche.

Not much from our other cast members, so I hope future episodes delve more into their lives. It was a good return and so far, not bad for a show on its swansong.
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The group I was watching with all turned to each other and went "isn't Morningstar a brand of vegetarian patties?" so we're all really hoping it's actually veggie burgers.
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Wow, watching this for the first time in 2017. All of these change are a huge swerve and I'm genuinely surprised that they took the risk to change. So far, it has gone well. Ron and leslie becoming enemies?!

Oh, this was warner herzog?! Yeah, that was done better than I'd anticipated.

(if only leslie could see that her boss is that jackoff)
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Oh, and grryzl was a little ahead of time with that 3d/hologram thing.
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