Shoresy: Shoresy Season 1
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Shoresy attempts to turn around the losing ways of a minor league hockey team.
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I’ve watched three episodes so far, and think this show missed an opportunity to make “you never see Shoresy’s face, ***even when he’s the main character***” a unique and really funny thing. For me, Shoresy’s chirps are less funny coming out of Wayne’s face.
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I liked it! It's the same underlying ethos as Letterkenny without the same formula that's been going stale since approximately season 8. I mean they still do runs of "everybody riffs on _____" but they're not interminable and scenes keep moving forward. I thought the first part of episode 4 was unnecessary and dragged on but otherwise a good show straight through.
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I honestly can’t wait to rewatch it.

Sanguinet was so awesome.
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This show was so much better than I thought it would be. Just great.
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Maybe it was a symptom of the short run time / season, but it felt like every character outside of Shoresy hisself had about 2/3 of a single personality trait to work with - the rest of his new team consists of 'likes chicken', 'speaks french', 'accent is not nearly as incomprehensible as everyone makes it out to be', 'large', and 'Jims'. Sanguinet felt astoundingly bland as a straightman to Shoresy, who's character arc is basically entirely completed in the space of fifteen minutes from 'is nervous about being coach' to 'is fine with being coach'.

Maybe it's something that the characters and actors can flesh out significantly in more time, but the best description I could think of when considering the season as a whole is 'underripe'. Letterkenny's characters were definitely a broad pastiche from the start, but seemed to get additional facets and depth much earlier in the first season - maybe that's a result of the more laid-back episodic slice of life pacing vs Shoresy trying to have a driving season-long plot.
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This was very enjoyable to watch. Shoresy’s pursuit of Laura was just so earnest and… wholesome? There were moments in Letterkenny when Wayne’s actions seemed to offer a window into Jared Keeso’s own character (e.g., the way he loved his dogs) and seeing Shoresy interact with Laura gave me that same vibe. I loved the Nat character, too. I’ll echo FatherDagon’s point that the season seemed “underripe” and I’d have loved to see some of the more interesting (Laurence) and strange (Michaels) characters be fleshed out more fully. (Though I could’ve done without the scene in Michaels’ apartment with Nat, which felt gratuitous and strange.)
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“I’d be so good to you, Laura…”
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it felt like every character outside of Shoresy hisself had about 2/3 of a single personality trait to work with

This was also Letterkenny, to be fair.

[cue the "to be fair" bit]

Shoresy and Letterkenny are both a weird blend of a standup comedy routine and a traditional sitcom. The dialogue is heavily stylized and repetitive and I'm not sure it's supposed to be realistic in a literal way. The way every single character says exactly the same line about the team from the Soo ("They're so GOOD") to absolutely no one in particular. The Policetti Brothers' weird faces. I laughed for serval minutes solely over Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean's name. And his name is the whole joke. It's just a dumb joke about long French-Canadian names. And that's basically every joke in the show. They all call their parents after a game, they all eat drumsticks, that's the whole thing. It turns out that just making the same joke over and over again can make it funnier.

Anyway, Shoresy was great and the special guest star in Ep 4 was a real treat.
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I haven't watched yet. I feel like Wayne's violence in the original show was a bit of a comment on the Hicks. I feel like the ads I saw for Shoresy had him drifting from the vulgar chirping guy to the "fighting all the time is awesome" guy. I'm not as interested in the violence aspect, even if Goon is one of my favorite guy movies.

So, should I watch it, or is it just The Hanson Brothers Badass edition?
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Do Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne show up?
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should I watch it, or is it just The Hanson Brothers Badass edition?

I think the fighting is put into some perspective, there's violence but less of it on screen when it's not in a hockey game. But yeah, still pretty violent. It's a weird hockey buddy set of short shows. If you liked the hockey parts of Letterkenny you'd probably like it. Fewer women (but the ones that are there are badass) and a lot of missing teeth. The article I read said Keeso HAD ONE REMOVED for the show.
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