Barry: Candy asses
June 7, 2022 9:52 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The penultimate episode of Barry's third season brings the storylines together and sets the stage for a thrilling finale next week.
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IMDB doesn't have a synopsis and everywhere else is super spoilery! ejs shared an interview last week where Bill Hader said the last two episodes were much darker and he wasn't wrong! Fantastic episode though.
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This is such a good show, with marvellous performances from everyone. My favourite bit in this episode was NoHo Hank's nervous smile to camera when we first saw him in Bolivia as he was trying to find Cristobal.
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Barry Recap: A Good Guy (
Bill Hader doesn’t speak a single full word in “Candy Asses,” the penultimate episode of Barry’s third season. For Barry, this is an episode of introspection: thinking about what he’s done and whom he’s hurt the most. His voice, for once, is taken from him; there’s no opportunity to rationalize, backpedal, or glean some false message of empowerment from a lazy attempt at redemption. He’s here to listen.
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I was moved by the fact that there was no Charles Bradley fanfare before the title card. Silenced, indeed.
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Almost every episode I have seen of this show, I hit the credits like, "Wow, that was fucked-up and off-the-rails."

Whatever scale that is measured in, this episode scored high. Like outlier high. Eeeeee
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Finally the cards are down on the table between Albert Nguyen and Fuches.
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> Finally the cards are down on the table between Albert Nguyen and Fuches.

I think Albert's got all he needed from Fuches. And vice verse—Fuches' phantom army has its key players in place.

I like how the already-dead ones have joined Barry on the beach during his dream. Between this, the Cousineau/Moss thread, Sally's thread, and Hank/Cristobal's dire situation, this is gonna be a wild ride. I don't know how they plan to cram so much into thirty minutes, really. I hope Season 4 is coming out on this season's tails (I haven't checked).
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Hell, Hamlet had jokes in it too
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