Welcome to Night Vale: 60 - Water Failure
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The water isn't working at the radio station, which is super annoying. Oh, also it seems the sun is multiplying. Plus, a college football update, a request for some time off, and controversy with the local TV news.

The voice of the phone tree was Erica Livingston and Christopher Loar. The voice of Lacy was Flor De Liz Perez.

Hold Music: "Just Like My Heart" by Fault Lines


Michael Sandero, previously in episode 4, "PTA Meeting" [transcript]; episode 5, "The Shape in Grove Park" [transcript]; episode 7, "History Week" [transcript]; episode 8, "The Lights in Radon Canyon" [transcript]; episode 30, "Dana" [transcript]; and episode 58, "Monolith" [transcript]

We’ve been duped by God, all is lost, blah-blah, something-something living nightmares. So, I guess we’re going to have to contact the Water Department directly about this issue.
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Also, in the pre-show message from "Joseph Fink," they announce their YouTube channel.
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I loved this episode. I am pretty concerned about Michael Sandero though, considering his post-game words were “I do not know where I am. Where is Michigan? I am so confused right now! Who are you? Who are you?!?”. Perhaps the REAL Michael Sandero was on the winning team? Oh dear . . .

I do plan to grind my coffee from now on with a hammer and hateful thoughts though. Sounds cathartic.
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I really enjoyed the Water Department phone tree - a nice mixture of the bizarre and the mundane in the way that this show sometimes does amazingly. And ooh, the introduction of a new long-term mystery. I'm hopeful for something non-Cecil's-love-life-related there. I mean, I like Carlos, but I'd like the through-line to be more town-related, especially because the Carlos plot is kind of depressing at the moment.
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I loved the phone tree stuff too....and thought the whole water company bit was interesting and I really hope they go somewhere interesting with it in the future (and we find out more about who "her" is).

Because I tend to over analyze stuff I ran a clip from when he was calling the water company though an online DTMF decoder which gave the number he dialed as: 1 800 6692 8737 . Obviously not a real number...at least outside of Nightvale. I tried googling it a bit and checked to see if it spelled anything interesting on the phone keypad but no luck so far.
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So what did the "Not An Emergency" button return as?
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I'm really looking forward to the new tour. The live Weather, Dessa, is one of my favourite local artists. Her Call Off Your Ghosts was the Weather for Episode 49. In contrast, this episode's weather was kind of meh.

I liked the use of alternate voices in this episode. And I'm curious about who "she" is. There are actually a number of female characters that Cecil has shown affection and kindness to: internMayor Dana, Tamika Flynn, Janice; but it would be nice to be introduced to a new character with her own quirks.
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I have a feeling that the identity of "her" is one of those things WTNV isn't going to answer for a very long time, if ever. It seems to me more like one of those things they'll just leave hanging for a very long time, if they ever get back to it at all, than the introduction of a new mystery that they'll take up right away. I could be wrong, it's just a hunch.

Remember, we still don't know who bought Lot 37 way back in "The Auction."
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The mystery of who she is may continue for a long time, but who would have thought they would ever revisit The List?
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I'm actually going to see their live show here in New York tonight. I assume they will add a New York date to the current tour if its new material.
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I'm seeing the ny show tonight too! I think the new show tour hits Albany and Buffalo but not NYC.
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The YouTube channel link in the first comment doesn't seem to work... here's the channel, and here's the first announcement video. (If you'd rather not see the people behind the voices, give the latter link a miss.)
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