Empire: The Outspoken King
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Lucious is opening a new club so he can showcase Hakeem, but who's going to perform with him, and who's going to actually manage to mess up that opening? In other news, both one of Lucious's rappers and one of his sons manage to shoot their mouths off in public. Speaking of shooting....

Well, Cousin Bunkie's body turned up, very gross. Everyone is broken up about it, but no one is more broken up than crocodile-tear-crying Lucious, who swears he'll find the real killer. Insert OJ joke here. Meanwhile, Becky the assistant strolls into his bathroom and Googles Lucious's new pills, and they have a sad little scene about the truth there. Go Becky for figuring that out the quickest.

Lucious decides to force one of his rappers, Kidd Fo-Fo, to perform with Hakeem after some kid is inspired by Kidd's music to do some shooting. Lucious has a very uncomfortable interview over this. Meanwhile, Hakeem starts lusting after a girl and doing classy things like bragging about his money, peeing in a restaurant, and bitching about Obama being a sellout ON CAMERA. The ensuing apologetic phone call to the president is a hoot--I didn't know you knew such language, Barack!

Andre turns out to be bipolar and is not so great with his doctor/medication regime. If Andre gets cheerful, you should probably start to watch out. His wife's not happy.

Cookie continues to have enough money to buy fabulous outfits and a doofy assistant to drag around, and has no shyness about stomping up to her son while he's boinking his boyfriend in bed. She grumbles that she liked Lucious better when he was a thug and forces her way into various places and at one point, chucks her shoe at him. She plots to have Jamal "out" himself at a press conference during the club opening, but after Lucious says he'll cut Jamal off financially, Jamal flakes on that.

In the end, Lucious fires Kidd Fo-Fo for dissing his wife in a very uncomfortable elevator ride, and Hakeem finds who he really wanted to perform with all along--Jamal. So Cookie wins on getting Jamal on stage after all. No apologies.

Oh yeah, and it looks like Cookie's being forced by another Agent Carter (wish they'd changed that name) to testify in a trial and that will get her killed.

Deep thoughts time!

Good lord, Hakeem is a moron. The only time he's less noxious is when he's with Jamal, who manages to make him a bit more bearable. As far as I'm concerned, Jamal is the talent in the family and I am not seeing what the rest of them claim to in Hakeem, other than "straight" and "sings."

Why would one wear a bib to go down on a guy?

Cookie continues to amaze me in so many ways. How much did she get paid that she can afford the outfits and the assistant?
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Thanks for doing the recap! I loved Lucious' phone call with Obama, and pretty much any time Cookie shows up. Seeing her hand stop the elevator was a great moment! I enjoyed the brothers' performance, and like that they see how they're being played against each other and don't go along with it. Tiana sized up Hakeem correctly when she first met him, so at the end I was thinking "No, don't get together with him!" And yes, Cookie always looks great -- that silver and black dress at the end, I could really imagine her being in prison and fantasizing about the fabulous dress she'd wear when she got out and got what she deserved.
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I really want to like this show, because it's hip-hop Nashville and I like Nashville, but the writing is pretty awful. Maybe it will get better? And is the show going to get better or worse when Courtney Love shows up?
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Man, and I want to like it because it's hip-hop The Lion in Winter, but it's not working for me either. :(
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Hakeem's dialogue is pretty laughable.

Hakeem: "Man, Fo-Fo was supposed to play with me. Now he out."
Jamal: "Well, whatever. You don't need that fool. You're ten times more talented than him."
Hakeem: "But I rehearsed this to play with somebody. I don't want to play alone."

What rapper refers to himself as "playing?" He doesn't play anything!

So far I'm enjoying it like a bad Lifetime movie. Not sure if if I'm going to stick with it.
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