Endeavour: Scherzo
June 29, 2022 7:24 AM - Season 8, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A surprisingly large percentage of Oxford is killed. Some people wear less clothing than one might expect for that climate. Morse continues to drink too much and be rude to people who care for him. We learn more about Morse's childhood. Taxis, clocks, guns.
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This episode was interesting in how it was campier than usual (the groundsman at the nudist colony!) and sadder (Morse, drinking). I like how Bright is looking after himself, though, it seems -- a rare thing for a man alone in this series. And Strange is developing into an even more interesting character; I wonder if he can have the next series in the Morse Television Universe.

Why does Bright wear a uniform?
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We all agree the clock thing was RIDICULOUS, right?
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somethingenglishwithamurder would be such a useful tag if it catches on.
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I thought this story was more straightforward—until they got to the clock solution and the Welsh and reallyfastexplanation.

Another scene with Thursday going up alone against tough guys, this time bent cops. Since I misread the article and this is not the last season (3 more episodes next year-ish), I’m getting that foreboding feeling again, like I had before the ending of the early seasons.
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"Shall we say...half past two?" Good lord, the strongest sign yet that we are in for a shocking and unpredictable season!

So, I'm thinking this episode was essentially the British version of Twin Peaks, where Da is nicer and kills the guys making the porn instead of killing his daughter. Instead of a gniklat-sdrawkcab man from another place, we have the clocks set to semaphores.

Anyway, loved the scene at The Prince of Wales, always love it when Thursday breaks out his tough guy.
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Why does Bright wear a uniform?

Bright is Police Chief Superintendent (PCS), ostensibly everyone's boss at the station. He's regular police, not a detective, thus the uniform. Endeavour and Thursday are detectives, who work under Bright's authority/oversight, but with a certain amount of autonomy.

I seem to recall Morse serving in uniform for awhile in one of the earlier series. I believe he was reduced in rank or somesuch.
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Yeah, when Morse was in uniform it was a moment of... maybe not shame, but I think some of the other people mocked him for it. I forgot that Bright is in charge of everyone, not just our guys. Thanks!
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Part of it was Morse being demoted to uniform for uncovering something embarrassing (a coverup for a long ago crime IIRC) to the local establishment while Strange was promoted in rank despite not being as good a detective as Morse but better able to play the game (such as joining the Lodge).
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