Endeavour: Terminus
July 8, 2022 10:21 AM - Season 8, Episode 3 - Subscribe

One cold winter morning Thursday and Strange are called to investigate the ritualistic killing of an Oxford college don. The next day, when his bus breaks down during a blizzard, Morse finds himself as one of several passengers forced to take refuge at an empty hotel which was once the scene of terrible crimes. Are the two events related?

Of course they are! Morse's drinking comes to the forefront. Thursday gets worrisome news from Northern Ireland and deals with it by continuing to work which angers his wife. Joan realizes that Strange will Be There for her whereas Morse can not. Buses with a driver and a conductor are the height of civilization.

(hope I haven't overstepped by posting this)
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I really enjoyed the Agatha Christie "Ten Little Indians" / "Murder on the Orient Express" mash up in this episode. I'm sure secret codes have featured in another one of hers. Secret coded cuff links though, that's surpassing the master!

Getting all the pertinent characters together was good plotting. I never suspected, because a) I'm really bad at guessing this stuff and b) it never occurred to me that this show would do an isolated country house trope.

A few quibbles, the city-halting snowstorm and yet Thursday is able to get out to the prison and Frazil is able to drop off some papers. The abandoned yet not vandalized hotel (a full bar? c'mon).

The fate of Sam Thursday is left hanging.
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Win's accusations to Thursday really hurt. Ow ow ow. No way could Morse get a look in with Joan after that, no matter how he or Strange behaved, not with Win thinking that Thursday views/treats Morse as a substitute son.

Morse, on the other hand, pretty much deserved the reaming he got from Thursday.

The actor playing Ms. Go-Go-Boots did a lovely job with what she was given.
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>Morse, on the other hand, pretty much deserved the reaming he got from Thursday.
Yes, he certainly did. And what a well put reaming. Equal parts 'telling it like I see it' and 'I care about you; there are avenues for help.'

A pretty campy episode in a lot of ways. That trio of jesters at the end got a laugh out of me. Which relieved some of the jump-scare stuff earlier in the episode.

I wasn't drawn to Endeavour because I was a fan of the Inspector Morse series -- in fact I've never watched it. But because of the original series, I know vaguely where Endeavour (the person) is headed. Nevertheless I sure wish he could get his act together with the drink and with Miss. Thursday. This episode really teased that he would. And I thought Joan's original protests about not getting involved with him were because she couldn't bear to worry about two men in her life. How does taking up with Strange solve that? (It doesn't Miss. Thursday, it doesn't!)

Anyway, came for Endeavour (the person), staying for Endeavour (the person), DI Thursday, Chief Supt. Bright, Joan, Win, Ms. Frazil, and the lot of them.
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I watched this in two sittings a few weeks apart, and was completely lost when it came to people's names for the big "I've gathered you all here" scene. But I didn't care, because it was all fun and three of them were wearing jester costumes they'd left there earlier? So I just rolled with it.

The "it's starting to thaw" ending both was cheesy and made me tear up a bit.
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