All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: AEW Dynamite 6/29 & Rampage 7/1
June 29, 2022 4:20 PM - Season 3, Episode 39 - Subscribe

In accordance with the ancient texts: "Once the Forbidden Door has been opened, the time of Blood & Guts shall come again."

The card for tonight is heavily stacked towards the B&G match taking up the entire second hour, listed thus:

* Words from Christian Cage
* Orange Cassidy vs. Ethan Page
* TBS Championship “Open Challenge” Match: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Leila Grey
* BLOOD & GUTS: The Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager) vs. Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston

Looking to be the bloodiest and gutsiest! Gosh I sure hope this match doesn't put even more AEW talent on the injured list!
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Whoops, we're also going to have a Gunn Club vs. Danhausen and a mystery partner tonight!
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Orange Cassidy brought back two things from the indies: his old theme song and the OJ Mist Spray!
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Christian Cage being the manager of a newly-heel-turned Luchasaurus is great... he even stole (a version of) the snare trap finisher to use! Get well soon, Jungle Boy! (so you can get pasted by your old tag team partner!)
posted by The Pluto Gangsta at 5:27 PM on June 29, 2022

Complicated feelings about the results of Blood & Guts:

-Unfortunately, this did apparently end with some legit injuries, where Santana hurt himself almost immediately on entering and had to leave

-Once the action spilled outside the cage, the camera work followed that exclusively as though nothing else mattered

-Once they got to the top of the cage, everyone was moving super cautiously, as if they were (legitimately) concerned about their height. Except for Claudio who, like God’s own fool, was dashing from one edge to the other and doing giant swings on Jericho.

-Being up there clearly made it tough for the performers to get cues from the ring crew. I definitely heard Jericho ask a cameraman if they were on commercial picture-in-picture when they weren’t.

-Not to be a complete Negative Nancy, hardcore matches aren’t usually my thing, but there was enough storytelling and combat artistry in the violence that I was generally happy with the work. My real problem is that all the pay-per-view quality work was done without moving the storyline much further. Eddie Kingston did not get the vengeance he wanted, which was basically to murder Chris Jericho, not because he made some tactical error or because his temper got the better of him, but simply because the f’ing new guy Claudio got Matt Minard to submit first. This means Eddie now has unresolved beef with Claudio and Jericho, so… what did we need Moxley and Yuta here for again?
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I love the pure chaos that a B&G/WG match allows, but I always have the same fundamental issue with it from the very start: Why can't you win before everyone is in the ring?

I agree with all of The Pluto Gangsta's issues -- AEW has a sort of default mode of "Well, let's throw some more guys in there" that rarely works, and was all the more glaring here.

Still annoyed that I couldn't go see it live tho.
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I was skeptical when I heard the explanation of the Royal Rampage, but... it might have been just about perfect. Plenty of dudes who were credible winners, good quick movement throughout, and plenty of space for people to do their things.
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