Only Murders in the Building: Here's Looking at You
July 13, 2022 10:26 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

An unexpected visitor reveals hidden secrets about the inner workings of the Arconia. Charles reveals that he once recorded a hit single that was huge in Germany.

Lucy, the teenage daughter of Charles' ex-girlfriend, unexpectedly shows up at his apartment. She reveals to Charles, Oliver, and Mabel that there are secret tunnels inside the walls of the Arconia which she discovered years earlier. As they walk through the tunnels, they overhear a conversation between Nina and her husband, discussing that Bunny had to go so that the Arconia can be modernized. Oliver also witnesses an argument between Teddy and Theo Dimas, who have been released on parole, which makes Oliver reevaluate his relationship with his son. Later, the trio and Lucy visit Nina to get her to confess to Bunny's murder, but she goes into labor and asks them to find Bunny's real killer. Lucy confesses to Charles that she ran away from home after her mother remarried. Charles, though touched by Lucy's words that he is the best stepfather she ever had, insists she go home. Before leaving, Lucy warns Charles that he is in danger, but she doesn't tell him that she came to the Arconia on the night of Bunny's murder and saw the killer escaping through the tunnels. Charles visits Jan in prison to ask for her help.
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"… You're choking on a big, heaping bowl of fuck."
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So did anyone else know that his first name is Charles-Haden?
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Best scene this episode for me was Mabel being sent in to bond with Lucy, as a fellow youth, and then being horrified by Lucy's Bloody Mabel fandom.

How did young Mabel and Tim Kono never find these tunnels? What kind of lazy kid detectives were they?

The whole Angel in Flip Flops bit was perfect. #83 in Germany! $200k annually in royalties from samples!
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I enjoyed that too! Mabel and Lucy are both youths, relatively, but Lucy's enough younger and extremely online that Mabel couldn't keep up.
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That scene with Lucy and Mabel was amazingly funny. I’m a bit confused about why Teddy was shouting during his fight with Theo.

Still no clue what’s going on, but I’m along for the ride.
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I was 100% certain before this episode that Nina was the killer but now I wonder if they're going back to the Dimas well for a bad guy.

Did anyone else hear a weird cough or barking sound when the killer was in the tunnel with Lucy or was that just me?
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Did anyone else hear a weird cough or barking sound when the killer was in the tunnel with Lucy or was that just me?

I think it was the killer coughing or sneezing, presumably from the dust.
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I think a sneeze and I think it was an important clue. I think the killer has allergies.
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I was howling at the Mabel/Lucy "young person" disconnect -- especially because my son (19) is working as a camp counselor right now and is telling me now nutty/different/way more online his campers are, at ages 10-13. There's a massive generational difference there that I never would have predicted.
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I’m a bit confused about why Teddy was shouting during his fight with Theo.

I think it's just sort of instinctive for Teddy to shout when he gets emotional--he's that kind of guy, or maybe I'm just projecting Nathan Lane.

Also, I think there's a (possibly unconscious) sense of wish fulfillment ("surely if I'm loud enough he'll hear me and get on board").

I rewatched "The Boy from 6B" the other night and that wish-fulfillment thing was so pronounced during the "My Boy Bill" scene that it was bordering on abusive (which I think he also realized).
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I got worried at the recap, because it gave off strong vibes of "we will now advance all the story threads". And it did, but because it had the strong through-line of Lucy's relationship with Charles, it didn't feel disjointed at all. The writing on this show, in this case specifically the structuring, is phenomenal.
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So does Charles call Jan "Unknown Caller" because he assumes she was the one who texted him and Oliver on the roof? If it's not that, then why? Because it doesn't seem logical that she could orchestrate Bunny's murder from prison. It's a stretch to think an orchestra bassoonist would know how to even procure a contraband cell phone in prison.

Did I mishear?
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"So. How was prison?"
"I'm going to fuck you, Oliver. Hard..... Namaste."

"Nice is....a word."

"I'll do it for free. $200 on the west side will just get me a bagel and a latte."
"Guys? Is the adult business concluded, please? I'll give you $200."

"Bloody Mabel is my favorite thing to happen since those baby witches tried to hex the moon."
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"Angel in Flip-Flops" has just been released as a single! It's terrible, but there's a very sample-able instrumental bit starting at around 0:57 that definitely could have been used by Post Malone, Missy Elliott, and Del The Funky Homosapien had it existed.
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Huh, turns out baby witches hexing the moon on TikTok was totally a thing.
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Is it just me or did they really ramp up the humor for this season? I remember seasons one being funny but season two hasr me howling with laughter several times every episode.
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Had to pause it after Macbeats. Howled with laughter for about 5 minutes.

Got a distinct Howard shape from the shadow in the tunnels.
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DeWalt_Russ, right before it cuts to Charles sitting down in the jail, it shows him looking at his phone, where there is a list of missed calls from "Unknown Caller." I assumed it meant Jan had been calling him over and over from jail.
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I don’t trust Jan.
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As well you should not!
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