For All Mankind: New Eden
July 15, 2022 5:40 AM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The astronauts move quickly to build Martian bases.

Any landing you can walk away from is retconned as a victory for space exploration. Meanwhile, Ed’s decision to abort landing and not wreck the Helios landing craft is blamed on sentimental attachment.

Karen returns to Helios to disrupt its corporate culture. Previously unknown crew member Will Tyler disrupts American politics and structural homophobia with a personal epiphany. Hi Bob: Ed visits the NASKosmos base bearing MREs, PepsiCo products, and an exclusive water deal.

Sergei spills the brandy in Margo’s office, leading to Aleida spilling the tea on what HeliKosmos is up to. Vigorous, drunken debate ensues despite the walls being notoriously thin and fragile, and Helios having the only ride home.

Danny Stevens is still the worst, and is only beginning his spiral. Where could those North Koreans be? A stained blue suit in the White House? Really?
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Ed is definitely going to toss someone out through an airlock, but it's up in the Martian air as to whether it's going to be an American or a Russian.

Ellen's Oval Office admission about coming out to Deke got picked up by that microphone, didn't it?
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Is Kelly going to get pregnant? She's there for two years, if she got pregnant there would have to be some debate about whether a Martian baby could survive the trip back to Earth. Is abortion legal on Mars? I could see that being a plot point next season.

I hate Danny so much. Don't the Germans have a word for "someone with a punchable face?" He's got that kind of face.
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Tired of Danny. What were those pills?

Really looking forward to the rest of the season.
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Danny was given acetaminophen with codeine and he stole more of those and then OxyContin I think. All of it portending danger.
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Helios has a startup beer and snack fridge filled with pharmaceuticals.
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So Danny pocketed some Oxycodone, but the thing he went after later in the same scene was dextroamphetamine sulphate - Dexedrine. Go pills, baby! Just what Mr. Poor Impulse Control himself needs.
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Yeah, Danny finished his codeine, stole some oxy, and then grabbed some speed. Realistically, if you’re going to start doing opiates while you also have astronaut duties, it’s probably a good idea to also grab some speed. I hope his arc leads to something interesting for characters I am interested in and don’t hate.
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Also, who would be in future seasons? Aleida and Kelly are fine, but not really focal points of the story yet. Then there’s Danny, and the only member of that generation less interesting and less likeable, his brother. Will season four just mostly be 80 year old astronauts from the 60s?
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At least Ed is keeping Danny around because he wants to keep an eye on him, and not out of loyalty like with Gordo on Jamestown.
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Also, who would be in future seasons? Aleida and Kelly are fine, but not really focal points of the story yet. Then there’s Danny, and the only member of that generation less interesting and less likeable, his brother. Will season four just mostly be 80 year old astronauts from the 60s?

This is my major problem with this season. Realistically most of the cast should be gone next season, but they’ve done so little groundwork setting up new characters. Maybe they think they’re not getting renewed? I don’t know.
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Maybe they'll just continue on Mars so they won't need to age anyone or add anyone to the cast. I mean, where do they go from here? I can't see them doing a Jupiter mission unless the show really is a prequel to 2001 as some have claimed.
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This episode proved that they don't have to explode someone in a spacesuit to create drama, I wish they did that more often.

A lot of good non-Danny drama this week. Aleida and Margo, Sergei and Margo, Dani and Ed and the Russians... and Kelly and Alexei got to be the first members of the 113.67 Million Mile High Club. I loved Kelly turning on a fan so nobody could hear them and the next shot showing the other crew members hearing thumping noises and rolling their eyes.

When they did a zoom into Will's "TYLER" name tag twice and then said his name out loud at the beginning of the episode, I said "Great, I guess he's the one that dies in this episode." I have to give them credit for doing something a lot more interesting than that.

Ellen and Larry inventing Don't Ask Don't Tell was believable and tragic, and it looks like it will be Larry's Oval Office shenanigans that get the administration in trouble instead of Ellen's. And the look on Ellen's face when she watched Will say "If somebody like me doesn't say it, then who will?"

Danny was given acetaminophen with codeine and he stole more of those and then OxyContin I think. All of it portending danger.

I'm so sick of the portending! Yes, we all know Danny's either going to try to shove Ed out of an airlock or make a huge mistake that dooms the Mars colony. Get it over with already!

Actually I feel like it's about to come to a head. I predict that they'll send Ed, Kelly, Danny, and some Russians on the liquid water mission and the Danny-time-bomb will explode there, which means sadly Kelly is only there to be put in danger to raise the stakes for Ed.

Where do they go from here? Good question. I don't want to watch the Danny and his brother and Kelly show, and I definitely don't want to see Larry with an even more ridiculous bald cap and an old man limp. Also, anything beyond Mars is really pie-in-the-sky crazy for the 2000's. I think they should stay on Mars, there's years of potential drama there.

[Even if they start the mission from Mars at precisely the best time, the trip to Jupiter would be twice the distance that Sojourner traveled. And Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the sun, so they might have to wait quite a while for a good travel window. Not to mention Jupiter's temperature is -230F all of the time and it doesn't have a solid surface to land on!]

The "space race" is finally over I guess, and good riddance. I hated seeing Ed all bothered because he was in second place. Come on, this isn't a boxing match. You're like the 9th human being to actually WALK ON ANOTHER PLANET a hundred million miles from earth. Where's your sense of wonder?

At least Will and Kelly both had that sense of wonder. Maybe they could kill Danny* and have a fourth season in 2000 with Kelly, Will, Alexei, and Aleida as the familiar leads.

* please kill Danny.
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This season has picked up, though I do agree with the posters above re: the new generation, and I do hope they stick to Mars for a bit.

I also agree with commander Kuznetsov - the NASA mission does have a really wishy-washy command structure, which is fine I guess as long as you’re tooling along doing your own thing, but it is a bit strange that they don’t seem to manage the soviets given that the Cold War seems really really cold. Maybe the Margo Kompromat is to blame, but you’d think they’d be a bit more assertive after rescuing the soviet mission? And attempting to steal first human on Mars, ignoring instructions from the commander? That has to be something that engenders consequences you’d think.

Also, wasn’t that an Ominous Detail Shot of some spigoty thing on on Wills Mars suit before he went out and away from the base to look around in wonder?
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Danny both contaminated the water drill with human microbiota, and got some Mars in his blood. Maybe Kelly will find staph on Mars? Maybe he’ll die from dust spores?

I love that at work, we really get to see Dani’s competitive side. She wasn’t going to be second person on the moon and she’s not going to get cut out of the aquifer deal. She realistically mishandled the convo with Will.

Wow, DADT as the big great idea? Pfft. I know it’s 1994, but there’s a female president! We can have nice things, it’s fiction! Will Tyler better not get fridged.

We know more in 1994 about HIV than Rolan’s attitude suggests, although AZT and cocktails were yet to come.
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I kinda thought Will might be going out to commit suicide, maybe as a driver for presidential regrets, especially if they get outed anyway after talking themselves out of supporting him.
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No, I think Will is going to stay on Mars indefinitely, to avoid discharge. But he better not kill himself.
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Maybe the mystery North Korean will also be gay and somehow Will’s type. If they team up with Helios, we could finally achieve that fully-automated luxury gay space communism thing I keep hearing about.

PS wow that’s a great test phrase for English adjective order.
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> We know more in 1994 about HIV than Rolan’s attitude suggests

In 1995 my dentist warned me about going on dates and sharing deserts because I might get AIDS. I believe Rolan could think he'd get HIV from a flashlight.
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Yep -- consider Danielle's early response that Rolan shouldn't worry because all astronauts got an extremely clean bill of health before takeoff. I think it's fair to say his HIV panic is more about gay panic than underinformed hypochondria.

Also, the Soviet space command made me so mad this episode that a) I found myself grateful that I didn't grow up during the Cold War, I'm not sure I'm psychologically cut out for it and b) I started wishing Aleida would bust Margo already so NASA would tell the Soviets to buzz off. Danielle has the patience of a saint, and she has been a complete delight this season. I hated that she sacrificed her arm/career for Gordo her first time out -- it was very in character, but it made me dislike the character -- so it's a surprise that she's now my favorite person to watch.

One of the most redeeming things about Ed's character is that he gets funny scenes. (Sometimes! Maybe slightly more than other characters, I dunno.) I don't care for overprotective dad stuff generally, but that scene where Alexei ignores Kelly so hard that he essentially insults her (and thus earns Ed's enmity) was great.
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I think it's fair to say [Rolan's] HIV panic is more about gay panic than underinformed hypochondria.

Yep, the vibe I got was that Rolan was in the closet himself and scared to death of being found out (i.e. by being seen in close quarters with Will or sharing drinks with him) so he overcompensated, but maybe it's just good old-fashioned homophobia.

One of the most redeeming things about Ed's character is that he gets funny scenes.

Joel Kinnaman has great comic timing. I wish they'd give him more time with characters he can joke with (Dani, Kelly, Karen) and less time with Danny sucking all of the air out of the room.
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Oh interesting. Did we ever see Rolan’s wife and kid on camera tho? I thought we did…
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Did we ever see Rolan’s wife and kid on camera tho? I thought we did…

I mean, the lesbian POTUS is in a fake marriage with a gay dude, so I don't think seeing Rolan's wife tells us anything. I kinda hope he's not gay, though. Do you know how many real out gay dudes have been to space in our reality? Zero. And I think a closeted POTUS is probably enough gay drama for the show.

I am glad, after basically getting through the 80s without any mention of HIV/AIDS, and keeping the gays in the closet that the show is finally addressing the pink elephant in the room. Of all the choices this show has made about how progressive the world has become in this alternate timeline - black astronauts! female astronauts! black female astronauts! - I've been low-key annoyed that they've decided the community that still hasn't advanced any is the gay community. And with DADT introduced in this show under a different President, it doesn't seem like it will change much any time soon. (That said, a decade is a long time in reality and this show, so next season in the 2000s, we may get that gay space communism the left wants!)

I can't believe we're six episodes in already. But threads are starting to come together. I am so excited to see where we are headed.

Already wondering what mid-00s hit we're going to get at the end of this season.
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Haha, I did a quick charts check. Select your preferred end of season needle drop:

1) “Crazy in Love” Beyoncé
2) “Toxic” Britney Spears
3) “Paper Planes” M.I.A.
4) “Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes
5) “Get Ur Freak On” Missy Elliot
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Kelly Clarkson is the first person I think of for "extremely aughts" pop music. I'm also looking forward to what music they choose; the 90s alt-rock stuff this season is not inappropriate, but it's nevertheless very jarring to me! It makes me realize how rarely I see media with the 90s as a period setting. (I think that will change as all the kids who grew up watching Friends reruns grow into adulthood.)
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Haha, I did a quick charts check. Select your preferred end of season needle drop:

Toxic was on my list. Seven Nation Army was NOT but is now!
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I was thinking "Seven Nation Army" or "Yellow", mostly because of Ron Moore's hard/classic rock predilections when he uses contemporary music (All Along the Watchtower in BSG; Come as You Are at the end of Season 2). I'd be all in for Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" for the next-season tease though.

More importantly, is there a Metafilter in the Season 4 universe? Does it have the same #336699 blue background?
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No MetaFilter because Mathowie is working for Helios.
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I would bet on Coldplay "Yellow" because it has the right combination of being classic and familiar and so huge that it reminds everybody how proud Apple is to have the rights to so many hit songs. (Really the music annoys me in this show sometimes, some of it just feels like Apple is making iTunes announcements.)

I do hope they use Seven Nation Army though.
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Ron Moore would never do it but Single Ladies or Crazy in Love would BANG.
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All black and white sidelit spiky choreography but with space rockets
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you’re welcome

(tubedubber works on my iPhone but here’s an edit if it’s being janky:
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I've been really impressed with Joel Kinnaman through this whole series. A lot of the terrible soap opera melodrama wouldn't have worked without him selling it. I only knew him from Suicide Squad before this and obviously he didn't have much to do in that.
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I'm also amazed to find out that he's not American.
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If you like Joel Kinnaman, he was really the backbone of the first season of Altered Carbon, which is more or less self-contained even though there's a second season that didn't quite manage to follow up.
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I bounced off the first episode of Altered Carbon.
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He was awesome in The Killing and had some great one-liners. It's kinda weird to see him in such soapy stuff.
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Huh. The iPod was invented 6 years early in this AU.
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Very late to the watch, just wanted to note that back in the episode 2 discussion we were wondering whether the AIDS crisis existed in this alternate timeline. Yes, apparently, but only as a foil for prejudice and irrational fear. More than a little annoyed by that, there are much more important AIDS stories to tell than "random Russian defector astronaut is scared of a hand tool".

I guess I should give the show a pass on this, they're trying to do an awful lot of things and AIDS is only one of very many complicated social and political issues to quickly assimilate after a decade time skip. I think what bugs me is this show does a good job talking about other gay & lesbian issues. Will's discussion with Danielle about how being Black is not the same burden as being gay. The whole Don't Ask Don't Tell story spun in an interesting way. Good gay writing! I wish they'd found at least a little room to acknowledge the massive generational grief in the decade they skipped over.

Oh well, space soap opera is still good and interesting. Love Kelly. Hate Danny and his story is sure spinning out in the most tedious way possible. There's still time to take it somewhere more interesting, 50/50 whether they will based on the season so far.
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Sojourner is grounded forever. "Luckily, I have pull with the Helios commander."

The sad pouting look on the Helios guys. Lol.

Don't fuck with Danielle, Russian commander!

"He's like a son to me, Karen." *wince*
What was the first step like? *wince*
"What happens if you go off script?" *boom* *wince*

Hey Karen, didn't you quit? Why are you back?

And a guy just outed himself on national television.


Heeeey, let's add pill popping to Danny's long list of awful! He makes me miss Gordo, for fuck's sake. Gordo looks like a fucking brain trust in life decisions compared to Danny. Also, way to injure your hand some more.

FIRST SEX ON MARS, I HOPE Y'ALL BROUGHT CONDOMS OR ARE ON THE PILL OR SOMETHING!!!!!!...and how would you like to do that while everyone hears you wall-banging?

"Hi Bob!" continues. "You are Bob?"


WHAT WAS THAT SHIT?!? Boy, did Kelly get "don't tell him you know me" wrong, wrong, wrong.

"Don't ask, don't tell" happens even without Clinton. "Piss off both sides and control the argument."

Thank you, Sergei.
GOD, ALEIDA, SHUT IT. Though that said, I'm pretty sure Danielle knows about the rats.

Kelly's so excited about liquid water!

Meet Larry's current boyfriend.
"It's DC. Literally everyone is listening."
"So, have you done it in the Oval yet?"
"...Okay, once."
"I'm sorry, I'm just imagining the look on NIxon's face right now." Aren't we all.
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Come to think of it, why didn't Danielle say, "Actually, you literally owe me your lives?" HMMMMMMMMM.
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