Loot: Season One
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So far we're only up to episode 7, right? We watched that night after the most recent Better Call Saul...

I love Maya Rudolph, and enjoy the cast. Just wondering if the show will ever grapple effectively with the fact that nobody should have that kind of money, at least as long as anybody lives in poverty and the only way to amass that kind of wealth is immoral.
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Just wondering if the show will ever grapple effectively with the fact that nobody should have that kind of money

It's an Apple show; of course it won't.
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I'm only 2 or 3 episodes in, but my biggest problem is that the power dynamic between Rudolph and the charity's director feels wildly unrealistic to me. I can maybe believe that Rudolph's character could be intimated by a strong personality who knows what they want out of life, particularly when she's reeling and kind of lost. But, even a very take charge personality is going to be way more differential to the source of the funds for the charity. Making it a chore for the charity director to deal with this person who wants to insert themselves into their charity has things that can pay off, but making them Rudolph's boss and scold feels really off to me.
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I feel like coming to terms with the ultimate immorality of that kind of wealth could only happen at the very end of the show, narratively-speaking. It can be a challenging show because they have to have Molly doing dumb shit, but it is hard to stay mad at Maya Rudolph.
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I love Maya Rudolph so much (so much) but I couldn’t make it past two episodes of this show. A show where the central conflict is “Oh I’m too rich and sheltered, poor me, what am I going to do with my fabulously amazing life” just rubs me the wrong freaking way. And from the sound of the above quotes and comments, it doesn’t seem like it gets better.
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This show is, undoubtedly, dumb. It's fun, though.
I found that it helped if I just changed the details in my head from 'multibillionaire' to 'princess', because I've seen so many stupid films about royalty that I can just go with it more easily.
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Really happy that this season ended where it did. Makes me hopeful that the next season will be much more interesting and easier to watch.
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