Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Extraordinary Attorney Woo
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Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Korean: 이상한 변호사 우영우) is a Korean legal drama starring Park Eun-bin in the title role, along with Kang Tae-oh and Kang Ki-young. I'm watching it on Netflix in Canada, but am not sure about other countries.

New lawyer Woo Young-woo ("It's read the same straight or flipped!") is on the autism spectrum (although the actor is not, which is why she initially refused the role before finally accepting it). A recent graduate, she has to learn to navigate the justice system and office politics while at the same time deal with her own feelings for the handsome Jun-ho (Kang Tae-ho).

I am a lover of workplace dramas that feature people who like and support each other (with the occasional jerk for contrast), and EAW delivers. The storytelling and cinematography are light and sometimes fluffy, but there are enough sucker punches to keep the viewer alert (the episode dealing with after-school academies, for example, is brutal).

Park Eun-bin herself is weapons-grade adorable and must be protected at all costs.
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I did not expect to love this, but I do. Particularly when Woo has her a-ha moment and her hair blows back and a whale jumps out of the water. It’s sweet and silly and sometimes quite moving.
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It's also on Netflix in the US. I haven't watched it, though. (Too much other media to get through at the moment.)
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I'm watching this and enjoying it a lot. I was definitely worried initially at the whole autistic savant cliché, but the show seems to be handling the subject matter with heart and tact.
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Very much enjoying this. The cafeteria scene where Woo Young-woo gives Choi Su-yeon an unexpected nickname was especially lovely.

The show has caught on like wildfire in Korea. The first episode had less than a one percent audience share but as of last week that had grown to over fifteen percent.

As I mentioned in The King's Affection thread, you wouldn't know that Park Eun Bin plays the lead in both dramas.
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Here's the Dramabeans show page and MyDramaList show page links for your recap and 'where have I seen that actor before?' needs.

I wasn't completely won over by the first episode, I wasn't sure if there wasn't something gimmicky(?) about Park Eun Bin's portrayal of the character. But by a few episodes in I was fully onboard. And it's nice to see Kang Tae Oh in a leading role, I think I've only seen him as secondary lead in 'Run On'.
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I quite enjoy the pace of this drama, as well as the characters. Very pleasant.

I have a question: Could someone point me to a diagram of how Woo's catchphrase works. "It's read the same straight or flipped - kayak deed rotator noon racecar."

To me, it sounds as if her name is a palindrome, but how does that work with Korean characters?
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To me, it sounds as if her name is a palindrome, but how does that work with Korean characters?

Yes, her name in hangeul is 우영우. Yeoksam Station (억삼억) is also a palindrome.

Kayak, racecar, etc. replace the original Korean palindromes (see this tweet) for a screenshot
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I'm enjoying this very much.

I found this by accident on Netflix and knew nothing about it. I was nervous about it being good representation. I found it hard to get a good sense of that through the subtitles and the differences in Korean TV vernacular, it sometimes seemed a little twee to my American sensibilities.

But then I laughed out loud when they put undercover Young-woo in a wedding dress and asked her how she felt and she said, "I am very uncomfortable! This dress feels like it's made of labels." Like, mood.

I'm onboard now.
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Another thing: the intense physicality of Park Eun-Bin's performance. It's like watching a dancer juggle knives - from the slight movements of her head even when at rest to the slightly bouncy but slightly awkward way she walks, everything is varied but it all comes together. Heck, I've rewound more than one scene just watching what she's doing with her fingers.
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I’ve found kdramas to be a welcomed break from Western media and Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a great example of why. It’s smart, charming, beautifully filmed, and even with all the tropes it still manages to be original. I almost passed on watching it because the preview on Netflix suggested (IMO) a caricature of an autistic person but based on the glowing reviews I gave it a shot, and while there have been a couple cringe-worthy moments (e.g., Young Woo in her garbage cleanup outfit in ep 12) the overall presentation of ASD has been respectful and even educational.

I struggled with the legal cases in a couple episodes, but I think one of the things EAW does really well is to show that there’s more than one perspective and that being on the winning or losing side doesn’t mean your client is better or worse than the other side (but there may still be karma in the form of a big white truck). There’s so much I like about the show including the female friendships and the whale analogies, but for me so much of it comes down to the romance. So far, I love it and the character of Jun Ho is played to perfection by Kang Tae Oh, but I’m hoping in the next 4 episodes he’s given a backstory and the opportunity to be more than just the best boyfriend ever.
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After the trip to Jeju - is it just me, or would Woo and Jung make an amazing power couple? Sure, there's an age difference, but it's not a huge one. Seriously, who else shares that love of the law and workaholic ethic?

Hmm, I feel a fanfic coming on...
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Scratch that. Now I want to see the genius kid hacker and the genius autistic lawyer Fight Crime and also argue about what they should put in the gimbap.
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I didn’t see Attorney Jung as a romantic pairing for Attorney Woo, but in my fanfic they would have broken from Hanbada along with the Spring Sunshine, MinWoo, and Jun Ho to join Attorney Ryu at her human rights law firm with the rooftop garden (ep 12). The genius younger brother and Papa Woo could also have joined them and together they would have formed a new family. Maybe this will all happen in season 2.

While I enjoyed this show overall, I felt like the writer did Jun Ho dirty towards the end (excepting his cat analogy – that was precious). In the early episodes Jun Ho was kind and protective of Young Woo, but then the writer changed his character to insecure and cowardly even when Young Woo was in danger. grrrr
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I just kept expecting we'd get a scene between Jun Ho and Attorney Woo's dad, I was looking forward to them bonding over their love for her. But the production company says they want to do a second season (news link), so I may still get that scene eventually. Heck, maybe we'll get a wedding in S2.
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I also thought they'd meet and that we'd learn more about Jun Ho's backstory. Sadly, season 2 will need to wait until Kang Tae Oh completes his compulsory military service of 18 - 22 months, which he will reportedly begin within the next 6 weeks. Then again, he's so popular right now that "Netizens are volunteering to take his place in the military so he won’t have to go."
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Considering what Jun Ho's friends, roommate (no redemption for Minwoo), sister and brother-in-law were like, I hope in Season 2 we meet some people he associates with who aren't trash. He seems to only have good taste in romantic partners.

I loved this series and hope it does return after Kang Tae Oh finishes his military service.
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it's fucking uncanny how much i like this show. not my usual fare. sweet as sugar. an extra treat: here's how to make woo young woo gimbap!
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