The Resort: A History of Forgetting
August 5, 2022 5:55 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Emma and Noah meet Baltasar Frías and gain a deeper understanding of the Oceana Vista's past.

A Peacock original.
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They're in the painting? It's gotta be time shenanigans!
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Maybe Alex is Sam and Violet's kid they had while trapped in the past and he walks out of the forest determined to build a resort because of wibbly wobbly timey wimey. I had wondered if maybe he could be Alex, but now I'm leaning other directions than that.

I do wonder about him saying he'd had the skateboard since he was a child.
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Occam's Razor: Balthazar painted them into the mural earlier that day. he has access to the room, so apparently knows the "Pasaje"...
or yeah, maybe there's a time tunnel. hahaha
i am enjoying this show.
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Could be a red herring, but Alex was adding something to the completed section to the left of the building in the top right of the painting the day after the party... the spot where Noah and Emily are in it later.
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Check out the lettering of the show's logo. Lines swoop forward, lines swoop backward. Everything meets in the middle.
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I’ll be honest: I bounced off of Lodge 49, which wasn’t quite the right tone for us as we started watching it at the beginning of the pandemic. The characters had all had just one too many dreams slip through their fingers before the story started. But you can see a lot of the threads from that show here as we get more of the backstory about the Océana Vista: the found family; the people that seemed vaguely villainous that are actually just doing the best they can; the supernatural goings-on that are just shy of plausible deniability.

And, of course, just the weird oddness of losing memories from our ears and our asses. A metaphor?!

Do I think it’s time travel shenanigans? Of course I do! But if there’s a rug pull and it’s not? I won’t be made. This is already a hell of a journey. I do hope that we don’t get a cliffhanger ending, though.
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