The Resort: El Espejo
August 11, 2022 7:14 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Emma, Noah and Baltasar team up and try to uncover the truth behind Sam and Violet’s disappearance.

It's time shenanigans!
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Definitely time shenanigans, confirmed--rewatched the first episode after this one, and they're pretty clear about it up front, honestly.

So who is Alex? Sam and Violet's kid? Grown-up Sam? Are Sam and Violet still able to be rescued?
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My main fear with a complex time-travel sci-fi plot is that it won't quite fit together, and I can't help but feel that way now. I'm confident that they'll bring it home, but right now I'm unclear on the exact mechanisms at play here, and whether the theory that the show eventually explains to us will be able to accommodate something as mind-bending as Alex's apparent time travel in the phone-placement scene.

Alex is a crucial character, and I'm not saying that he's badly written, but he annoys me whenever the camera is pointing at him. I enjoy the show far more when we're dealing with the output of his insanity rather than seeing him ooze insanity on screen. (or is he the only truly sane one?!? …yadda yadda)

The stuff we just learned about Noah and Emma's relationship is interesting, and I wonder if the outcome of all this will be that they get to do their entire relationship over, starting again back in 2006. Not necessarily with any different outcomes — I imagine they'd still lose the baby, for instance — but with the perspective of knowing each other better and with Balthasar's everything-happens-for-a-reason worldview having rubbed off on them.
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I think Alex is unstuck in time, bouncing around back and forth in his own timeline, and his illness is either the cause or consequence of that.
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Sure. I am curious about whether his finger-in-ear move is a reaction to being unstuck or somehow a trigger for being unstuck.
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Does anyone else feel like the producers said "We need Alex to look like a combination rake/playboy/vagrant" and the costume/makeup team said, "Off-brand Father John Misty... Got it"?
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I'm enjoying this a lot. Also, even though I never, ever want to watch an hour of TV with 20 minutes of commercials, I find I often enjoy shows where the episodes are 35-45 minutes rather than a full hour every single episode. Sure, sometimes I watch a couple episodes back-to-back, but if they are well-structured, this can still be more rewarding than a padded-out hour.

When Baltasar kept asking Emma what she lost, I was really expecting her to say, "This tooth?" and hold up the little baggie.

Also, the song over the end credits is by "Blue" Gene Tyranny, an avant garde pianist, who apparently also did some soft rock during the 70s. I'd never heard of him, but it was a great tune. If anyone else was diggin' it, it is called "Next Time Might Be Your Time" from the album Out of the Blue. Lyrically, it fits into a lot of the themes that have been brought up in the series so far. Fourth verse:

Oh, listen
Can you go back to before you were born?
To this time and place and
Having to trace who you are day after day?
There must have been the light
Before the stories took away your sight
We're not attached or separate in space
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