Thirteen Lives (2022)
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A rescue mission is assembled in Thailand where a group of young boys and their soccer coach are trapped in a system of underground caves that are flooding.
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Probably better if we could incorporate JustWatch as it'll stay up to date as streaming options change and it works in over 50 countries. There's an API but maybe for now it'd actually be better than IMDB as a link.
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That is an idea I've been thinking on as well. We may have to bring that up in MetaTalk to give it a proper hearing, though.
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Probably need less of a hearing and just see more of the LOE to accomplish it. Ideally I think we'd just want the sidebar Google provides for when you search for a film which shows basic stats, synopsis, ability to say you've watched the film, ratings, etc.

It might be easier to just come up with a perfect idea of FanFare and then figure out what are things that are just easy to do and what things are really hard to do. Otherwise you're just shoehorning links in here or there.
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More relevant to this though, Ron Howard did a great job. I got lucky with two good movies today, usually late summer is the doldrums.
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Please tell me there’s a scene where Musk gets slagged for his reprehensible attempt to tarnish the reputation of the rescuer?
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I think the only two ways to treat Musk in remembering this story is to either forget his involvement entirely, or drag him mercilessly.

I think not mentioning him would hurt his feelings more.
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Just watched the movie this morning. Absolutely gripping. I'd forgotten how many days it was before they found that the boys were all still alive.

I'm not sure I understand why the parents weren't taken to the hospital along with each of their children as they were rescued, seems like the film was saying all the parents were left waiting by the caves until all 13 kids were out. Something cultural lost in translation, or just Ron Howard's way of wringing more tears out of me? But, whatever, terrific movie.
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