All Summer in a Day (1982)
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Story/movie/book about children. The central plot device is it rains all the time except for one day/hour of the year/decade.
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Thanks! Is it a known bug that the video link I put in in the post form didn't show up?
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Not sure if it is a documented bug, but yeah, I have also noticed it doesn't do anything.
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I don't think I've read the story.

The newer film is a little better at diversity. But it went too fast for my tastes. Also the new film requires even more suspension of disbelief than the old one. But maybe it's just because I saw the old one when I was a kid?

- Moment that stood out in the old video: being locked in closet catching a single ray of sunlight.
- Moment that stood out in the new one: shutting the door to the classroom while knowing classmate is locked in closet.
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