Wedding Season (2022)
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Pressured by their immigrant parents to find spouses, two Indian-Americans pretend to date in order to survive a summer of weddings but find themselves falling for each other as they struggle to balance who they are with who their parents want them to be.

On Netflix.
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I have made it pretty clear in the past that I am a huge fan of Netflix romcoms, and this is a Netflix romcom. It is pretty good.
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Haven’t seen it yet but it’s going on the list based on your post! I don’t know why, but I never seem to tire of “people faking a relationship end up falling in love” stories.
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This comment is a slight spoiler (who can spoil a movie like this really, though?).

I liked the movie, but it has been bothering me that he lied about his achievements and identified as a DJ even though he was very wealthy from Facebook stock and ran a charity. Everyone treated him like some kind of loser, but he's obviously not? Maybe it was just some kind of joke about the incredibly high expectations of the parents (I don't care that you are loaded, you dropped out of MIT!)? Anyway, these kinds of movies don't really operate in a world that is consistent with ours so it isn't a deal breaker, it just kind of surprised me.
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Cute watch. I found the pacing a little slow - I thought it was gonna be over when she got the big job and I still had like 45 minutes left.
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It was cute and light and exactly what I wanted! Yeah the whole DJ/dropout storyline felt a bit bizarre or out of place but hey, it's fantasy!
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