Broad City: In Heat
January 17, 2015 6:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

There's a heatwave in New York, which sends the girls on a quest for an air conditioner. Abbi spends the night with Male Stacy but things don't exactly go as planned.
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Ilana's black lipstick forever.
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I know nothing about the subway in New York, but if it's anything like this, I'm never going to use it (If I ever visit New York, of course.)
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They nailed the subway sequence. You'll have an experience like that at least once a week if you use the NYC subway on a regular basis.
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I figured Seth Rogen just woke up one day and said "I'm gonna die on every basic-cable sitcom that will have me!" But then he was okay.

Oh, and the rest of the show? Fucking brilliant and perfect as usual. Which is why it's already been picked up for Season Three.
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Ilana Glazer might be one of the funniest people on television. She's like all 3 Marx brothers in one body.
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All the rape jokes. Ugh. All the rape jokes.
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yes, this episode only contained rape jokes. {\}
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There's been some decent discussion of that in the recent fpp.

I sort of agree with the conclusion that, upon several repeated viewings, i get what they were trying to do. I just think that it ended up riding on the edge of the precipice of satire where the failure mode is just saying/doing something shitty. Making a rape joke to make the point that rape jokes are messed up is well... still making a rape joke. And they played it pretty straight, throughout the episode. I mean it gets a bit absurd with the whole "see, you're raping rape culture!" thing, and the ribbing of how they're totally safe because she's a stone cold rapist, and etc... but idk.

As i said elsewhere on here, it's the first joke in the show so far that seemed totally disconnected from the target audience. A lot of my friends were totally fine with it and at most just, didn't really laugh at it. But it caught me really off guard.

The shows usually funny in a brash, but like respectful of actual people and things that would upset them for legit reasons sort of way. As something to launch their second, now-were-a-seriously-getting-popular-show season with this isn't the awesomest sign.

Which bugs me too, because there was some like choke until you pass out funny shit in this episode.
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yes, this episode only contained rape jokes. {\}

I've been watching Broad City since it first aired on Comedy Central. I never watched the web series, but as soon as this show started I watched and supported it. I love the show. But they fucked up with those jokes. And for nothing. Not that the show is some plot-driven masterpiece but they just didn't even need to go there. Hopefully that's the end of that and they just get back to being funny.
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I don't see how a person who watched the episode can declare that it was all rape jokes. The part that made me LOL was when Ilana announced at Lincoln's birthday that we should all wish him a happy birthday because we all know that it's his birthday. And Abbi seeing all of her friends at Bed Bath and Beyond. And the kitten! So yeah, I was a little uncomfortable with the rape jokes but that was hardly the bulk of the episode.
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I don't see how a person who watched the episode can declare that it was all rape jokes.

And who did that? If you misread, I wrote "all the rape jokes, ugh". Like saying "all the water chestnuts, ugh" when talking about a takeout order. It doesn't mean that the entire meal was water chestnuts, it means that were were way too many, and that they were unwanted.

I'd come close to betting money that I've watched this show more than just about anybody on this site, so please don't think it's an attack on the ladies that write this show. This particular episode just sucked, and it sucked a lot because of the rape jokes.
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the ladies that write this show

The series is written by men and women, although Abbi and Ilana wrote this ep.

I recently started watching the show straight through on DVD, and just watched this one. It's the first ep that completely fell flat with me. No ep is perfect; there are eps in s1 where I think some of the plotlines are lame, but at least I laugh at some of the lines along the way. This ep was the first time I didn't laugh at all.

I'm not morally opposed to joking about any topic, including rape, but I just felt that the rape theme went nowhere — there was no pay-off.

I know I'm a couple years late to the party, but, cashman: kat518 was responding to Pendragon, not you.
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