Broad City: Mochalatta Chills
January 22, 2015 11:21 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

New opportunities arise as Abbi is finally able to train somebody at Soulstice and Ilana finds success as a corporate overlord.
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I hope they go somewhere else with Bevers, the gross roommate thing is getting old. Loved Ilana's power trip. And the police line-up was brilliant.
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I was underwhelmed by this episode, disliking its very traditional sitcom construction. However, once again Talking Point Memo's new feature Dear Television, with its running weekly analysis of Broad City, deepened my understanding of what Glazer and Jacobson are doing. In this case (not so much with last week's) I've revised my opinion of this episode upward quite a bit. The structure is still very predictable and the situations trope-y, but there's an underlying and clearly deliberate theme.
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I was also underwhelmed by this episode, and I'm not sure the article Ivan linked to convinced me the episode was better than I thought.
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I lol'd, but this was also the first full episode of this that I've watched. I suppose that means I should go back.
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I also thought it was kinda disappointingly sitcom-ey, but honestly the Edge of Glory scene was so spectacular that it basically made up for everything else.
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I'm so tired of Bevers! Please get rid of him ASAP. Also, what was that birthing talk about? Abbi & Ilana don't strike me as the baby-wanting type. Here's to hoping for a better ep next week.
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Bevers is a treasure, and I love the discussion he's having and how he code switches when Abbi walks in on him.
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YES the Edge of Glory. Great song, psyched to see Abbi going for it. I don't see Abbi and Ilana as the baby-having type except that I think that Ilana wants to do all of the things. And when Abbi was all about Jeremy (btw, where is Jeremy???), she talked about how she wanted to be married for a little while before they start having kids. I liked Ilana's power trip but I really liked the white power suit.
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My favorite thing about the Edge of Glory bit was waiting for Bevers to come out of the refrigerator or through the window or something else insane just to get the "EEK!" moment, but then... it didn't happen. Trope defiance is fun.
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I loved this episode. But then again, I love to hate Bevvers. More Bevvers please!
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