Blown Away: Season Three
August 11, 2022 6:40 AM - Season 3 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A group of artisans from across North America compete in a glass-blowing competition for a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass.
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Ooo! I'm glad to see this. I don't actually watch much Netflix recently and I wouldn't have known this had been released without this post. Will check it out soon!
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It's great! We're not done with it yet, but have generally really enjoyed the work and the contestants. I will say there's an elimination that happens about midway through that I thought was a bit strange. One of the contestants made a case that they thought was too much in a similar shape as to another artist in the field? Maybe it's very clear if you are a glass blower, but as a layman I don't really see it being a copy but more inspired by. IDK.
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Totally agree Carillon. I thought that object (vase?) was gorgeous. My only problem with that project was that the theme was 7 deadly sins, and using (gay) Pride didn’t seem like a great message.

I haven’t finished the show yet either, but I think Grace’s elimination was crap. They were one of the most creative contestants, but they were unlucky enough to draw the dice cube. A cube! And that terrible excuse for a thimble got through! Don’t get me started.
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Yeah, I don't really understand how that thimble made it, because I've never seen a thimble like that. The proportions were completely off too.

With Grace, I was expecting them to get some slack given the fact that their original piece broke and they didn't have much time to make the new one. My expectations have been trained by the Great British Bake Off, apparently.

(There were a lot fewer breakages this season, right?)

I'm not a fan of Nick but he briefly redeemed himself when he defended the bearded lady piece. The other judges' objections to that one made no sense to me.

As usual, it's a beautiful show with incredible visuals and so much color, marred by what I can only assume is the producers' insistence on having every contestant year after year display exactly the same obnoxious flavor of posturing and trash talk. It's so boring and off-putting.

But the glass is so beautiful.
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I guess it didn't hit with me that they were trash talking and posturing. I remember a few instances where they talk about glass artists are rooting for each other and even that they're not competing against each other but themselves. Perhaps I missed it, but I found very little posturing or putting others down.
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The trash talking usually seemed light hearted, although Trenton seemed to mean it a little more, perhaps. I found him kind of a jerk. But I really do like his carabao.

I can't decide if I find the bad puns from the hosts funny or cringy. Both, I guess.
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I didn’t agree with much of the judging this year. It seemed like the eventual winner was a foregone conclusion and they won several episodes where I just didn’t get it. (The skull? Really?!)
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