Resident Alien: Autopsy
August 11, 2022 4:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Asta is overwhelmed with guilt after she, Harry, and D'Arcy get rid of the dead body.
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I'm kind of liking how Mayor Ben has a "friend" now in Harry.

Loving that Linda Hamilton is getting to play a goofball.

Not enjoying Asta's trauma and the unfortunate timing.

"It does not bother me. Everything is fine. Everything is just fine."
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I forget - does D'Arcy know about Harry being an alien already?
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I think that D'Arcy's being helpful purely on her friendship with Asta and doesn't know the truth about Harry.

Go D'Arcy!
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I'm pretty sure that D'Arcy found out after they fell down the crevasse? I think?
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I skimmed s01e08 again; D'Arcy climbs out, passes out, and by the time she gets help to crane Harry up the crevasse, Asta's got a ski mask and goggles on Harry.

When they get to the clinic, Asta tells D'Arcy to go get help, then Asta drives off before Harry gets unloaded/ looked at. D'Arcy goes, "What the Hell?"
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Very happy for the new season! Can't get over how likable most of the characters are! Still a bit baffled at Asta's pain/sadness/confusion over killing the bad guy - I have no doubt that killing someone can be traumatic, but when that someone just shot your friend and was no doubt going to do it again - and then likely kill you, too - well...she did what had to be done.
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"you need one of those lights that make your skin look better, you know, a fleshlight"
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"I.. I don't think it's called that."
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