Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Carbon Offsets
August 28, 2022 1:43 AM - Season 9, Episode 21 - Subscribe

This week (for another day or so at least)... Sensitive documents found at Mar-A-Lago. Midterm elections and the legacy of deceased Alaskan Representive Don Young, and the possibility that they could step down from him to Sarah Palin. And Now: Sixty Seconds Of Tucker Carlson Being Right About Stuff. Main story: carbon offsets, corporations idea to fix the environment that seems unlikely to work. The companies in charge of ensuring that offset deals are followed have such hugely lax regulation that John Oliver and LWT started their own offset company, Oliver's Offsets, simply because it's possible and easy. On YouTube (24 minutes)

My favorite name for carbon offsets is NFTrees.
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Oliver's Offsets has already stopped taking money, this is what it looked like when it was operating.
posted by JHarris at 1:45 AM on August 28, 2022

I am disappointed that Oliver's Offsets is kaput. That main story was depressing...and hilarious.
posted by Ber at 5:40 AM on August 29, 2022

The site's still up, it's just not accepting any more cash in exchange for basically nothing, heh.
posted by JHarris at 11:30 AM on August 29, 2022

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