The Harbinger (2022)
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A family moves their troubled daughter to a small town, where people suspect she is responsible for a series of mysterious deaths. Fearing something evil followed them, the tormented parents must do whatever it takes to save their daughter. Not to be confused with the other 2022 horror film with this title.

Starring Madeleine McGraw, Teal Redmann, Irene Bedard, Steve Monroe, and Will Klipstine.

Directed by Will Klipstine from a screenplay by Amy Mills (who also produced) and Will Klipstine.

Too early for a verdict yet on Rotten Tomatoes.

Just now popped up for digital rental in the US. JustWatch listing.
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This movie was available at midday and now... it's not?
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Ok weird. Amazon's new app updates trashed the ability to tent movies for the moment. You can still rent on the website though and view on the app.

What a fuckup, though.
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This is much campier than I had expected. Everyone in the film seems to be winking at you. It's not forthright camp, though. More like it's perched right on the line between fucking with you and giving the pukes what they want.

It's like a Conjuring movie if they weren't so po-faced serious about it.
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I mean, this isn't arch camp. It's more like the level of camp of erotic thrillers circa 1985-2002: we gave you everything this genre asks for in spades, but you understand it's ridiculous, right?
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I'm stuck on this one because one guy wrote, produced, and starred in this and I feel like he has to be fucking with us. But if he's not kidding, this is terribad.
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For real: I need a second opinion on this.
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I'm watching it right now.

It's terribad.
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Not quite The Room terribad.

Not quite.
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"But Luke, or Lucifer as he was called then..."

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"This is the dagger made by your God. To resurrect her, you must plunge the dagger deep into her chest. The evil will pour from her..."

And so on, and so forth.

I am going to watch it to the end because suffering builds character.
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Yeah, you know what? This thing has half an hour to run and I have enough character now.
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Yeah, I think if he was kidding this would be really funny. But since he's apparently serious... Oof.

I would compare this filmmaker's relationship to horror to a lifelong vegan chef's relationship to making osso bucco. He clearly does not like it or understand it, has not consumed much of it, and figures it can't be all that hard, so here it is, you miserable pukes.
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God's dagger is under a mid-sized rock in Iowa.
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Okay. Got my coffee, got my nose pegs, and in I go for that last half hour.

...aaaand I was not expecting it to go even further downhill quite that quickly. More coffee is required.
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That was awful.
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Thank you for going into this terrible pit with me, flabdablet.
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Care for a snake dildo? I have spares.
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Going back to look at my comments here really recalls a journey...

Haha, this is some intentionally campy fun stuff!

Wait, shit... is this guy not kidding?

Oh gawd, this is awful.

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