Speak No Evil (2022)
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A Danish family visits a Dutch family they met on a holiday.

What was supposed to be an idyllic weekend unravels quickly.
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This starts on Shudder today? I've heard good stuff on this from folks who saw it on the festival circuit. Becky Darke (of the Evolution of Horror podcast crew) gave it four stars, saying it is "The motion picture rendering of 'I have enough friends.' This’ll fuck you up." I'm definitely in.
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Oh my god, this movie! So uncomfortable to watch. I saw it in the cinema in April so the feeling has numbed a little but I still vividly remember many scenes. As I recall, at least two thirds of the movie is "just" uncomfortable to watch because of norms and personal boundaries being pushed/broken - and the last part is more physically and visually horrific. The whole cinema was quiet for a long while when the credits rolled.
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Mod note: A couple deleted. Not sure about differences in when people were/are able to view this on Shudder, but probably not worth derailing the convo?
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A monument of a film. Never before has a film so succinctly chronicled the Dutch psyche.
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Holy shit, that was a rough one. Yikes.
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