Reservation Dogs: This Is Where the Plot Thickens
September 16, 2022 7:33 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Big finds Bigfoot but that wasn't the most interesting thing that happened to him that afternoon.
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Apologies for the errors the last few posts. Got mixed up bulk posting instead of posting one a week.

A bunch of those visual effects, are very good and reproduces some of the typical alterations to the visual cortex. Especially the pareidolia getting more intense until they morph into something else. Colour changes if everything in view is mostly static after staring for a bit. A bunch more.

I very much like how the junkyard guy reached out and earned Big's respect, even though has always been cool, despite using cringey language.

Even Dear Lady says so.
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The mixture of the absurd catfish ritual and showing us Big's guilt over Cookie's accident was whiplash, but it worked. And I love the Deer Lady.
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Absolutely. The context change is jarring - and this kind of thing is common in psychedelics.

The "white people amIright" goes a bit far, but then - actual "Greek Society" (fraternities, sororities) in actual college campuses in the US. smh. GDI 4evr
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I have always been in the fence about junkyard guy, but if deer lady says he's good, he's good.

Zero hesitation to follow Big on his accidental journey!
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Kenny Boy is a dirtbag with a heart of gold.
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The "white people amIright" goes a bit far, but then - actual "Greek Society" (fraternities, sororities) in actual college campuses in the US.

The ritual setting was a reference to Bohemian Grove, which is basically Burning Man for extraordinarily rich and powerful sociopaths. As far as I know they don't fuck fish or really do anything besides congratulate each other and themselves for being rich and powerful sociopaths, but compared to the stuff they believe and implement outside of rich sociopath summer camp, the depiction here makes them look quaint and silly, not exaggerated.
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The owl is 100% a Bohemian Grove thing, in addition to being specifically hostile to Native Americans. The journalist Jon Ronson snuck in once while following Alex Jones around and witnessed the whole thing- it's very summer camp theater-y. The story's in one of his books.
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The "white people amIright" goes a bit far, but then - actual "Greek Society" (fraternities, sororities) in actual college campuses in the US.

I don't know . . . have you been around rich white folk? This didn't seem too off base to me at all.

I like to think that in addition to referencing Bohemian Grove that the creators are having a little fun commentary on the current conflict between the government of the state of Oklahoma--in particular Kevin State--and the tribes. The state government and supporters of it are stopping just short of anointing themselves with crude and shouting "OURS! OURS! OURS!".

Harjo is Seminole/Mvskoke, but there's a lot of similarities in southeastern complex tribes and this seemed to kind of imitate a Cherokee booger dance as well.
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