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The continuing adventures of Baba Voss and co.
posted by porpoise (2 comments total)
Sibeth really has some state-of-the-art plot armour!

I think this show has really found its groove after a lot of weirdness in the early first season. A shame it's just in time for the final season. I really look forward to this every week.
posted by confluency at 8:05 AM on September 23, 2022

I love want to have a casual thing with the entire show.

A lot of it is really silly and implausible, but it's a fascinating premise that fell short in execution despite being gorgeous. Drop dead. But it was a fantastic vehicle to tell a story about relationships and the acting was decent-good but drops off precipitously.

The ending had all of the feels, for everyone. The Maghra (Hera Hilmar) and Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) scene was killer.

The epilogue was straight out of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Only literate instead of reversion to oral storytelling. Oh sorry. Spoiler. But what else were you expecting?
posted by porpoise at 8:22 PM on October 19, 2022

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