Bad Sisters: Splash
September 17, 2022 1:04 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Grace joins an art class to get back some of her self esteem. Roger, the neighbour, inadvertently reveals some of JP’s important medical information to Thomas. The sisters continue to plot while Bibi is still reeling from the effects of her actions at paintball.

CW: reference to suicide.

In the present: Matt and Becka are still secretly seeing each other, and all seems happy but Becka doesn’t realize Matt is still spying on her. He goes through Becka’s papers and finds a large cheque made out to her from JP’s mother. Meanwhile, Roger the neighbour mistakenly thinks Thomas wants to question him about a false police claim JP made (that didn’t result in any charges) and angrily blurts out that he wishes JP’s suicide attempt had been successful. This sends Thomas scurrying to the hospital to acquire JP’s medical file. When he interrogates Grace about it, she says she wonders sometimes if the suicide attempt wasn’t because of her.

In the past: we learn that JP and Grace’s sex life is nonexistent because of JP’s untreated erectile dysfunction, which he cruelly blames on Grace. In an attempt to boost her self esteem, Grace joins an art class and has an empowering moment with the artist’s model, who praises her drawing and scoffs at JP’s low opinion of Grace’s artistic ability. JP makes an anonymous call to the police pretending to be a parent who suspects Roger has been grooming his son online and molesting him; the police take Roger and his computer down to the station for questioning. Bibi is still reeling from having shot the paintball instructor in the eye, and is isolating herself from her sisters until they remind her that JP won’t stop abusing Grace and Blanaid is next. This reminder re-galvanizes Bibi and she joins her sisters’ plot to drug JP and drown him in the bath while Grace and Blanaid are away.

Before she takes Blanaid to her netball tournament, Grace stands up to JP’s attempt to control her and pushes past him, leaving despite his orders to stay. He calls and leaves a voicemail demanding she return, making vague threats of unspecified action if she does not do as he says. Meanwhile, the sisters carry out their plan to put rohypnol in his nasal spray while he goes out for food. However, the massive dose doesn't knock him out completely, and as the sisters desperately tail him, JP woozily drives himself to the boat launch. Just as the sisters recall he can’t swim, he falls in the water and the episode ends.
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I appreciated seeing Grace taking some pretty big steps this episode to push back against JP and his gaslighting and attempts to control her. One of the reviews I read mentioned how freely she was dancing with Roger and comparing that to the panic attack she had in her dance class the previous episode. Maybe we are supposed to be thinking about how Grace might have eventually found a way to leave JP anyway even if he hadn’t died.

It struck me how nicely symmetrical it was that the sisters planned to drown JP in the bath, and even though he thwarts the bath drowning, it looks like he’s going to drown at the boat launch anyway.

Right after JP falls in the water, Becka opens the door of the car, automatically trying to go to his rescue. It’s a good reminder that the sisters aren’t sociopaths and that even if they are successful in removing him from Grace’s life, they’ll feel the guilt and repercussions of having killed him. It made me think back to the first episode where Becka is genuinely crying at JP’s funeral and Bibi, thinking she’s faking it for appearances, tells her she doesn’t have to pretend anymore.
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Also, as predicted, the cat meets a bad end at JP’s hands. And that fucker, he sets it up for Grace to take the blame.
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I know, poor kitty! I wasn’t feeling very good for its chances, and sure enough…
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