The Great British Bake Off: Biscuit Week
September 21, 2022 2:01 AM - Season 13, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The bakers tackle illusion macarons and a fruity favourite, before unleashing their creativity by making a dramatic 3D mask entirely from biscuits.
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Sandro hoping the technical would be shortbread 😂 I’m so impressed by all the international bakers, doing the show in a second language with such a specialised vocabulary on top of competing is so impressive! Also I really want to give Rebs a hug and tell her to be kinder to herself.
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There are some incredibly creative bakers in the tent this year. Those masks were amazing--absolute showstoppers. And very clever ideas for the illusion macarons as well.

I liked Janusz and Noel geeking out over art. Janusz has filled the Jürgen-shaped hole in my heart.
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The feathered chocolate. THE FEATHERED CHOCOLATE. Oh, man, I could see myself making that mistake, too.
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She did such a beautiful job with that feathered chocolate too. So pretty. It really does show, though, how difficult it must be to be baking under pressure while all the instructions are in your second language.
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I disapprove of macarons in Biscuit Week. They’re not biscuits! I like biscuits, I want to see them make biscuits!
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Syabira was an early favorite of mine, so I had an "Oh no! Or maybe - oh yes!" moment when she was doing chicken satay macarons. And she pulled it off!
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Syabira going two weeks in a row with stuff Paul hates (Matcha! Tofu!) and knocking it out of the park. You love to see it.

Doesn't Jürgen live in Brighton, too? He and Janusz can hang out after and do some sort of Central European baking buddy show and it would be lovely.
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These masks were so good; I always like it when the showstoppers turn out. Sad that Carole's collapsed, but her decorations were great.

Miasam was so sweet and I liked her flavor combos. Glad she left in pretty good spirits.

I know it's hard to know how the biscuits actually came out just from what we're shown, but it seemed like Syabira at least was overly penalized for the feather mistake. The comments otherwise on her cookies didn't seem worse than some of the others, and her feathers were flawless, if incorrect. But it did seem that there wasn't much to separate some of the mediocre technical attempts, so maybe the decoration mistakes were all there was to go on for the bottom rankings. Glad both she and Abdul came up with such stunning masks.

Sandro stayed up til 2 am studying biscuits!

Maxy deserved the win, but Syabira keeps being so close! Maybe next week.
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I've hit upon something this week that's bothered me:

In the past, I've often thought about "ooh, what would I try if I were competing" for each challenge, and actually been able to come up with something. I wouldn't be anywhere near the caliber of the contestants, I don't think, but I would at least be able to think of a thing to do.

This is the first time I've watched it and realized "... nope, I got nothing."
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Abdul's parrot mask was stunning. Each one of those little feathers was not only a perfect little cookie, shaped and colored just right, but attached so neatly and perfectly that they looked like well-piped frosting! All of the masks were pretty great, honestly, but for some reason that one really floored me.
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The Not-So-Great Defector Bake Off Succumbs to Biscuit Week: OK, first off, I want to note that some of you were mad at us last week, and we are listening and learning.
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I've often thought about "ooh, what would I try if I were competing"

I totally do that too! hey we should all share our ideas, the kookier the better
like for the mask competition, do a KN95 face mask, as realistic as possible, and fill it with little round cookies decorated to look like the covid virus
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