The Handmaid's Tale: Border
September 21, 2022 7:06 AM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

“After getting rid of Commander Waterford, June stops at nothing to continue her fight to find her daughter, Hannah.”

The color purple isn’t always a godsend. Angela returns the favor. Mayday was always real. Serena and Mark do not kiss. Serena and Joseph do not get married. Aunt Lydia confesses that she’s made choices.
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I hope Janine is not completely comatose because I only want good things for Janine and for her to set everyone on fire. Out of everyone on this show, Janine is the one that deserves a good outcome.

Ann Dowd needs to stop making me feel empathy for Aunt Lydia. That's some good acting! Lydia could be so one note but she feels so real. I don't relate to her but the show -- and Dowd -- also makes me understand where she's coming from.

I kind of hate everyone else, June included. I think that's kind of the point, honestly, but this has become increasingly a show about completely unlikable people. We can be on their side but everyone is pretty awful. I don't mind watching June but I also sort of hate her. But I get it -- there is no coming back from where she's been.

I just don't know if this show really understands that.
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I was sweating it re Serena and Waterford there for a minute! I almost felt sorry for Serena, too.

Given the internal logic they've set up for Gilead, I don't think it's credible that she would be sent back to Toronto with her baby. I think that society would have kept her there until she gave birth, then taken the kid and given her the choice between going back as their envoy or... something terrible.
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Serena kept asking for things herself instead of going through a Commander. She screwed herself over.
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