Resident Alien: Best of Enemies
September 22, 2022 8:29 PM - Season 2, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Harry has an unexpected partner as he tries to infiltrate a military base to find his alien baby.
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Love the heel-face (or would that be face-heel) turn to give O'Quinn more screen time!

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Awww. I want to know what the hell the Greys are up to now, because destroying a world makes more sense than kidnapping another species' infant and raising it with periodic visits by its PTSD-riven parents and demanding loyalty and - the motivations are just weird. Harry being already so different because of his bonding with Astra and by extension more humans - is he a particularly odd example of his species, or are all of them weirdly susceptible to human-bonding? Is this like the tumblr aliens where human pack-bonding with anything makes them irresistible to aliens all over?
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I wasn't loving the pace of this season or the lack of Harry and so much mayor&wife&resort drama (sorry, terrible with names or I'd use them). But this episode really felt like a return to form. Loved seeing what Harry was capable of as an alien, his relationship with the Alien Hunter, his discovery of his "humanity".

Seconding the what do the Greys want.

Plus, give us more George Takei!
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Give us more Enver Gokaj! So far this has been a complete waste of his extensive talents. Glad to see Judy getting more screen time.
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