Enlisted: Army Men
June 17, 2014 7:49 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The fire tells me that Randy and Pete join Sgt. Major Cody's Army Ranger trials.
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It'll be a bummer when this show finally disappears. It's hilarious. Did we have a recap for the previous one with Donkey Kong? That was epic.
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This was a great show (the finale is next Sunday) that Fox murdered by its usual shit scheduling. The military stuff all felt just close enough to reality that I wasn't constantly rolling my eyes, and that took some effort on the part of the producers.

gonetoosoon, indeed.
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I find it hard to fathom the thinking that led them to not pair it with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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I find it hard to fathom the thinking that led them to not pair it with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

B99 was the 8:30 show after Dads, recall. Given a choice between a new show from Seth MacFarlane and a new show from the junior co-creator of Cougar Town, one can hardly fault the Fox execs for being cautious. Not that it excuses their subsequent idea to pair Enlisted with the on-life-support Raising Hope, which Fox had already given up on anyway.
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This is a funny show, although the "platoon" (squad?) is much too screw-uppy to be realistic to me.

Not only did Fox mess with it by putting it in a bad timeslot, they also mixed up the order of some episodes. Which they've never done with any other show that only lasted one season, no way. You can tell because of the storyline with Derrick's girlfriend.

I liked how that got wrapped up. I thought it was sweet and really allowed his character to show as more well-rounded, something they really haven't done with Randy.
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I was thinking of leading from B99 into Enlisted, not the other way around. It premiered as a midseason replacement after B99 had already proven to be at least a kinda-success, and it would be a way better match than the Mindy Project pair.
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Oh, you mean as a midseason. Yeah, that totally woulda worked.
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Yes, I am really going to miss this show--it has such a nice spirit! And is hilarious. I really love the chemistry between the three brothers.
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I was disappointed by both this show and Surviving Jack being cancelled. It's always unfortunate when good shows don't get a chance to succeed.
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