Mad Men: The Flood   Rewatch 
January 21, 2015 4:51 AM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Peggy plans for the future. Roger courts a potential client.
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There's a little sad synchronicity between covering this episode now and the Martin Luther King Jr. day celebration.
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Ah, yes. Here's the episode where I have a glimmer of sympathy for Pete, who misses his family and has no one to process MLK's death with. Don't worry, it doesn't last long. He's an ass again by the next episode, and the world is in order.
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Knowing how season 6 plays out, as well as the first half of season 7, I'm enjoying this season more and more.

There is a Mad Men rewatch on reddit.
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"Applauded the escalation of decay" is such a classic 'heighten the contradictions' move. Papa Calvet really is the old-school Marxist he appears to be.

The scene at the awards, with Paul Newman so distant as to be unrecognizable, mimics the effect of MLK on the character's lives: distant, unrecognizable.

All Roger knows how to do is talk - that's why he thought that would solve everything.

Stan's reaction to the completely off-the-wall pitch from the insurance salesman is great.

après nous, le Déluge.
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Looks like the insurance company guy has started working for Nationwide's ad department.
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When the real estate agent tells Peggy: "Believe me, when they finish the Second Avenue subway, this apartment will quadruple in value." Yeah--good luck with that one.

Man, Joan's hug with Dawn...most awkward thing ever?
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Quite a big episode for Bobby. He is about the same age as we see in the episode with Don and the hobo. I like that he has a picture of the sort of train a hobo would board, above his bed.
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Pete has, since early on, been the white guy in the office who actually, in a non-cynical manner, gives a shit about civil rights. He recognized where Admiral's market was and tried to sell them on it, getting righteously angry when they were appalled by the idea of the African-American market, he's the guy who called everyone else out for laughing about Y&R tossing water bombs at black protesters, and here he's legit pissed at Harry Crane for being all Harry Crane about what the MLK assassination means for TV.

Pete is a shit, but it's a great minor character element of his that he's consistently right about this.
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