Shyam Singha Roy (2021)
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An aspiring filmmaker in Hyderabad, Vasu, finds himself in the centre of a plagiarism scandal. But how is it possible he had access to the works of a long-dead leftist who made his mark in 1970s Kolkata?

It is available for streaming in Netflix.
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I am surprised that this hasn't got a fanfare post yet, but also that I forgot to put one up. If anyone is in the mood after RRR, it's not quite the same thing but this is the one of this/last year's releases that I've been rewatching constantly. The songs are truly elite, even if I thought the ending fizzled out on its social commentary.
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Ok I'm going to go ahead and link to my favourite track: Pranavalaya. Iirc it comes in at about the hour mark in the actual movie, and unfortunately there're no subtitles for the yt video, but I hope it works without. But regardless in context of the movie it's actually working on two levels where the text is actively judging/criticizing the lyrics' sentiment. And I always enjoy such songs.
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I think it's pretty close to being just the two of us who post Indian films.

I appreciate the rec, though! It goes on the list.
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