Rick and Morty: Night Family
September 26, 2022 11:25 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Broh I'm scared.

Rick programs himself to do crunches while he sleeps. Somehow this leads to Summer being in control; Jerry being fundamentally decent even to himself; and a fire at the Dry Leaf Storage.
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When this was over I said "that was just a good old meat-and-potatoes standalone Rick and Morty episode". Interesting concept, taken interesting places, and I loved that Jerry's kindness and sentimentality got to come in clutch instead of just being a liability or an embarrassment.

My favorite joke of the episode was that Beth, given the option to do anything she wanted with her night person, chose the option that would maximally torture the neighbors. Just picturing that nice guy across the street like "but how does she play it ALL NIGHT and then get up and go to work??" My son recently tried to sell me on getting him a trumpet by offering that he could play it "in the early morn" as if that were a selling point and not my worst nightmare so it was funny to me in particular that was where Beth took the Night Person concept.

But there were some other good ones...that Rick could not concede on rinsing the dishes...the cascading explosion gag, pure vintage Simpsons...and the demise of the Choco Taco being the most salient news, all laugh out loud funny. Just a super solid, funny show.
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Kind of a Rick and Morty spin on Severance here. I also enjoyed that Jerry's sense of basic niceness saved the day in the end.
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This season is shaping up to be excellent. I liked all the episodes so far.
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It was a little bit Severance and a lot Us. My favorite throwaway joke was probably the name of their podcast, Fabsolutely Abulous.
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Also, the Dry Leaf Storage bit seemed very un-R&M somehow, like a loaner gag from The Simpsons?
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Another good Jerry episode; there's something poignant about wanting to be your night-self's pen pal. Maybe they're moving away from his being the eternal butt monkey of the show? And the premise of the show itself is scarily relevant.
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I really enjoyed the fact that Rick chooses enslavement to the night-selves over simply wiping the dishes. That is the ultimate Rick move.
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There was some debate about whether the writers had seen Severance before writing this show. The Choco Taco cancellation end-gag suggests yes, IMO. But I guess it could be an easy last minute replacement.
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I'm a bit disappointed that Rick & Morty didn't refer to their newly jacked abs as "cum gutters."
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