Bad Sisters: The Cold Truth
September 30, 2022 11:52 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

We discover how JP’s father George really died. Eva and JP find out who between them got the promotion. The Claffin brothers get the results of the exhumation and autopsy. Becka comes up with a new suggestion for finally doing away with JP, but not all the sisters approve.

In the distant past: We see JP and his father George in the basement, arguing over money while George is doing taxidermy. George accidentally chokes on a glass taxidermy eyeball, and while JP does give him the Heimlich at first (ineffectively—on purpose?), he quickly stops and just watches his father die.

In the present: The inspector exhumes JP’s body as promised and an autopsy is conducted. Matt goes to Becka’s place to beg for another chance, and she relents…until she accidentally sees a text from Thomas telling Matt JP’s body is being exhumed. Becka tells Bibi, Eva and Ursula, and they agree not to tell Grace about it, but are all terrified they’ll end up in prison. Eventually, the result from the autopsy comes back as “inconclusive,” but Thomas is still determined to pin JP’s death on the sisters rather than go to prison when he can’t make the payout.

In the more recent past: JP wins the promotion because the boss believed his lies about Eva. He immediately begins to threaten Eva because now she reports to him. When Gabriel confronts JP privately about his bullying and harassment, JP sneeringly tells Gabriel that Eva has revealed to everyone in the office that Gabriel is gay and gropes Gabriel menacingly while threatening to bring a false sexual harassment claim against him. Gabriel punches JP in the face and walks out of the office. Eva runs after Gabriel, who angrily accuses her of having told everyone about his private life and says whatever weird game she and JP have between them, he isn’t interested in playing along.

Roger, the neighbour, returns a few days after having been questioned by the police following JP’s anonymous false accusations. Someone (JP) has spray painted “PEEDO” on Roger’s garden wall. Grace is sympathetic and supportive despite JP’s warning to her. She reveals to Roger that JP tried to kill himself and when Roger tries to give JP support, JP tells him to stay away from his family and slams the door in his face.

Meanwhile, Becka tells her sisters about discovering George’s body in the walk in freezer, and explains her theory that JP killed him and put him in the freezer in order to keep access to his parents’ money. She reveals her new plan for killing JP by locking him in the walk in freezer. The sisters are reluctant, but go to the house while JP’s mother Minna is asleep to test it out. The freezer is confirmed to be soundproof, and the sisters come around to the idea of killing JP this way…except for Eva, who forbids it. Becka, angered by what she sees as Eva’s attempts to mother her, does the deed anyway. She goes to Minna’s house when she knows JP will be delivering groceries and waits till she hears him go in the freezer to check on George’s body as she presumes he always does. She locks the door with the spare key she had cut, turns down the temperature to its coldest setting, ignores the pounding from the inside, and returns the next morning to turn the temperature back to normal and unlock the door.
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I completely forgot to mention that Ursula finally tells her lover (Ben?) that JP has been blackmailing her. Ben then chases JP down on a dark road on the way to his mother’s house, cuts him off, and when JP gets out of the car, threatens him with death if he ever reveals the photo.

My theory: JP is so shaken by this encounter that he never makes it to his mother’s house that night and it’s actually a wandering Minna that Becka locks in the freezer. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, but it would explain why Becka is crying at JP’s funeral: not for JP, but for Minna.
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That’s my theory also. The cause of death wouldn’t be inconclusive if he froze to death.
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I also think Blanaid was involved, and the sisters covered it up. She’s noticing how he treats her mother.
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I’ve been noticing Blanaid, er, noticing how her father treats her mother more and more over the last couple of episodes. There was a moment in this episode—I think it was when he came in to the kitchen and when Grace and Blanaid exclaim over his black eye he just dismisses their questions about it. Blanaid looks over sharply at JP at one point, like she doesn’t believe her father’s smooth lies anymore.
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Minna is going to discover George, right? That will (also) be heartbreaking…
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Minna is the one who’s been keeping George in the freezer. Her last words to Becca after the nose piercing: “Do you thing George will like it?” She was going into the freezer to show off her new jewelry to her frozen husband.
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Certainly seems like the implication is that Minna got trapped in the freezer. Haven't seen her in present day at all. But I also feel like Becka would be a lot more torn up about it if that were the case.

I appreciate how the structure of the series is such that it started "Oh I wonder which of these four killed him and how" and has now fanned out to include a bunch of different possibilities-- Ben, Gabriel, Roger, even Grace and Blanaid.
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