Bad Sisters: Rest in Peace
September 23, 2022 12:49 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

After his near-drowning experience, JP is convinced someone is trying to kill him, while Grace is convinced he was trying to kill himself.

In the present: Matt reluctantly tells Tom about the large cheque he found from Minna at Becka’s place; he begins to ghost her because Tom warns him to stay away from her. Tom and Matt learn from Gabriel that Eva and Becka were at the marina when JP fell in the water. Tom manages to convince the coroner to exhume JP’s body, citing JP’s recorded fears that someone was trying to kill him and Gabriel’s testimony that Eva and Becka were at the marina.

In the past: Gabriel hears JP splashing around in the water and comes to his rescue. Grace is convinced he was trying to kill himself, because of the messages he left on her cell phone, but JP is convinced someone is trying to kill him as bits and pieces of his memory return. Eva does very well on her job interview for the promotion, but JP manages to imply she has a drinking problem to their boss, thus possibly scuttling her chances and improving his. Becka goes back to the Williams house to get the rohypnol-filled nasal spray, but JP catches her in the act and angrily grabs her to find out what she has put in her pocket; Blanaid witnesses this and shouts in distress, giving Becka time to escape.

Ben ambushes Ursula to ask why she has been avoiding him and ends up accompanying her to work, where JP spots him as he is coming in with an injured Grace (JP pushes her during a fight and she falls down their front steps). Blanaid looks suspicious as JP is solicitous at Grace’s hospital bedside. Becka discovers a human hand and head in the mysterious taxidermy freezer in JP’s mother’s basement.
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OMG the ending of this episode! I gasped as Becka found the hand and (especially) head in the freezer.

I was irritated at Gabriel. First he leads Eva on and doesn’t tell her he’s gay, then he rescues JP, and then he tells the investigators she was at the marina?? It made me wonder what kind of falling out he and Eva had, especially after Gabriel tells Tom and Matt that he and Eva are not in touch anymore.

And GOD Gerald the boss is thick as a brick. He’s so credulous and believes everything that asshole JP tells him. Start thinking for yourself, Gerald!!
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 12:52 AM on September 23, 2022

The last 2 episodes! Is it weird that I'm really looking forward to rewatching this?
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Well, shit, didn't see that coming!
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I was 'hopeful' when I saw the title of this episode last week, but I also know Grace had to lie where she was when The Prick died. Which doesn't sound like netball tournament.
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i knew he wasn't going to die (yet) but the amazing thing about this show is how much i really really really want them to kill JP. This show is great!
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My least favorite plot is "accidental murder" so this show is a really satisfying reversal of that.
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