Orphan Black: The Next Chapter: Season 1, Full Season
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The story picks up 8 years after the end of the television series. Cosima Niehaus looks into a new job opportunity, but it turns out to be more than it seemed to be. A newly identified clone becomes involved, and things change for the club forever. Hosted by Realm.fm

The first season of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter was performed by Tatiana Maslany on her own.
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I really enjoyed this series. It's a separate story from the television series, but the characters still seem true to form. Since Maslany is playing all of the characters, it was a little tough in the beginning to separate all of the voices, especially the men, but I got used to it after a while. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the tv series.
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The joy of the show was almost entirely based on watching Maslany act circles around everyone else in the tv world. The plotting started out fun and interesting but devolved into a back half of just trying not to screw anything up too much. It suffered from being a puzzle box that obviously none of the writers knew how it was going to tie up. Without visuals, I'm not sure how this works, but I might try an episode. Anything Maslaney does (Perry Mason, She-Hulk) is elevated by her.
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Thank you for posting this - I didn't know there was a second season and I'm very excited to listen! I listened to this first season back when it first came out, so I don't remember all the plot points, but I definitely enjoyed it.
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