Rick and Morty: Final DeSmithation
October 7, 2022 11:08 AM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The Smiths dine at their favorite Chinese restaurant and read their fortune cookies aloud; pretty normal stuff, until Jerry reads his.

"Fortune cookies are alien poop."
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I liked the overall plot, but I quickly grew tired of Rick as Inspector Gadget War Machine. There should have been more use of Immortal Unfulfilled-Fate Jerry instead of just "Rick can survive a dozen headshots."
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Maybe the best fictional portrayal of Gwyneth Paltrow anywhere.
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Maybe there's a contractual obligation to let a 13-year-old boy have total creative control over one episode per season? First the giant space incest baby, and now Jerry's fortune cookie. I mean, it's always juvenile (and sort of fun), but use some restraint guys.
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Acari, if you get to this episode and are super unhappy and grossed out, I warned you
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The theme from Taxi really does slap!

I loved Morty & Summer getting along as prank-pals.
posted by Saxon Kane at 8:38 PM on October 26, 2022

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