Atlanta: Snipe Hunt
October 22, 2022 4:43 PM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Go nosing around in the Georgia woods at night, you never know what you might find. Maybe something ... special.

Earn, Van, and Lottie go camping in the woods for Lottie's sixth birthday. Earn rents out the entire campground "to make it special for Lottie." Among the birds and the bugs and the trees, the future looms.
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Wow. I thought this might be my favorite episode of the season so far. The near lack of fake-outs is almost itself a sublime fake-out. Beyond that, I found it really touching, and really beautiful. Great sound design with the background woodland sounds, and even Lottie got to shine a little. Who wants to talk about the aspect ratio and old film-stock effects, and what that all might mean?
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The aspect ratio had me on edge because the whole setup was giving me Crystal Lake vibes, and as soon as Van gave form to the Snipe with words I knew we'd have to encounter one. But then this magical thing happened and I felt really good by the end. Like if we left their story there and didn't come back to them I'd be happy with that.

Admittedly I did think the 5mph warning would be the final twist and yet...
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"Eight percent? That's really high!" probably shouldn't have made me laugh but it did.

Such a neat, quiet episode, with so many revealing moments - Van and Earn debating the river crossing gave a nice quick glimpse into what their relationship as parents might be like, and that sleeping bag speech may be the best scene Earn's ever had. Really solid season so far.
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I think I just hit the spot in a good story where I get super sad that it's ending.
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Did they start singing Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” over the s’more with the 6 candle?
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Did they start singing Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” over the s’more with the 6 candle?

It's Black America's "Happy Birthday" song!

I genuinely wondered if they only sang a couple of words because it would be cheaper than licensing the whole thing.
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