Inside Man: Full Season One
October 26, 2022 6:00 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A prisoner on death row in the US and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage, cross paths in the most unexpected way.
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David Tennant as a baddy? Yes please!

Thanks for posting, will have to check this out.
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I was entertained but the vicar's actions seemed totally ridiculous - like why would he try to protect a pedophile? It makes zero sense, especially in the context of religious sex abuse scandals. I couldn't really get past that but the whole show premise was pretty absurd so you have to be willing to suspend disbelief to enjoy it.
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I felt like the last three episodes or so could have been stretched out. The first half of the series went at a pretty mild pace, but -- and maybe this is just my comprehension not keeping up -- after the attemped forced-confession the story developed a lot more intricately. I was left with the resolution, such as it is, but without a lot of the punch I felt it could have had. The reporter's arc in England (aka the twist, I suppose) was pretty abstruse for me.

That said, Hurricane Vicar was a funny character. It reminded me of A Simple Plan, though more comedic and with more telegraphed decisions. I had an initial empathy for "here take this for me" being a bad nice thing to do, but man, every decsion made things worse and worse.
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Netflix shows nothing but Stanley Tucci, entertaining death row Columbo, in the previews, but most of this show is David Tennant and wife in the Idiot Ball World Cup, shouting at each other while they race down the road to perdition, and implausibly blowing by every off-ramp that Moffatt dangles in front of them.
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I was rather disappointed with this. Did keep till the end.
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I was half-convinced the storyline was a Netflix algorithm gone wrong (gritty Western prison + British church scandal, who funded this?) and that the wife would be revealed to be a werewolf or some other fairytale creature.
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I absolutely hated this and am so mad they wasted such a good cast with such a terrible script. None of it made any sense.

"I'm a fucking vicar!" was the main highlight of the show and only because it underlined how terrible it was.
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shouting at each other while they race down the road to perdition

Stanley Tucci and Dylan Baker were both in this and Road to Perdition.
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I laughed out loud at

and that was enough motivation to keep watching but I dislike these kind of hapless death spiral plots. The prison scenes were the highlight. I’ve never heard of Atkins Estimond before but he certainly held his own with Stanley Tucci and Dylan Baker.
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