Night of 1000 Cats (1972)
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A wealthy playboy kidnaps and murders young women, feeding their corpses to his horde of felines.

Starring Anjanette Comer, Zulma Faiad, Hugo Stiglitz, Christa Linder, Teresa Velázque,z Barbara Angely, Gerardo Zepeda, Jorge Russek, Delia Peña Orta, Marcelo Villamil.

Directed by René Cardona Jr., who also co-wrote. The film is a Mexican production in English.

Is this good? Oh, definitely not. Is it watchably bad? YES. Particularly if you imagine it as the origin story of a Bond villain.

Currently streaming in the US on Pluto, Tubi, Hoopla, and FreeVee. JustWatch listing.

And yep, this was my 1000th FF post.
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The cats are defeated by getting stuck in a scanner.
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I really need to see this.
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This looks like cheezetastic fun. Can you say whether it looks like anything bad happened to the actual cats while filming this? For some reason, DoesTheDogDie doesn't seem to have a listing for this film. Clearly an oversight of this cultural treasure.
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I watched this one trashed night during lockdown and I think I loved it? I need to watch it again, tho.
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Full disclosure: there's probably 200-250 cats in this, tops.
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Oh man this is such a trashy film which, I won't lie, I really like. Stalking with a helicopter, heads in jars, the lack of narrative cohesion, cats being thrown off screen... I don't recall any cat deaths (its been awhile) but I can't imagine cats were well treated here. There does seem to be different prints of this film available - the VHS I first watched was a different cut then the one on Tubi.

The director, René Cardona Jr., was the son of classic Mexican director René Cardona and made so many cult films. Probably best known is this one but ¡Tintorera!, Guyana: Crime of the Century, and his 2 Santo Bond rip offs, El tesoro de Moctezuma & Operacion 67, are pretty entertaining (if you're into that sort of thing).

this was my 1000th FF post.

Congratulations and I am glad that it is this worthy film.
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Considering how much you do for FF and Metafilter, DOT, I feel like there should be some sort of special event like showing some selected films on Hyperbeam in your honor.
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