Star Trek: Prodigy: All the World's a Stage
November 10, 2022 4:00 AM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Or: "Live Log and Proper"

Memory Alpha logs proper, not shale:

• The title is from a famous passage of William Shakespeare's As You Like It.

• This episode's "cargo cult"-style story appeared previously in TOS: "A Piece of the Action" and ENT: "The Communicator" (FF previously).

Barniss Frex was the Denobulan from the relay station in "Asylum."

• This episode establishes the ultimate fate of the original Enterprise's shuttlecraft Galileo.

• Ensign David Garrovick was one of the few low-ranking redshirts to survive his TOS episode ("Obsession"). Fred Tatasciore (Shaxs on LD) provides his voice here, as well as Dr. Boons' and Sprok's.

"These are my dying words! *choke*"
- En-Son

"With all this interference, I cannot determine the cause."
"'Cause it's evil! That's why! 'Cause it's evil!"
- Zero and Pog

"My my!"
- Sool'U

Poster's Log:
At times, this show feels very much like what I assume it was (at least in part) pitched as: Trek 101 for the junior set. I found myself wondering, during the theater scene, how baffled a young person might be, particularly if Mom and Dad are chuckling away at it.

I kind of hope this show veers back toward serialization before too long—YMMV, but I'm not sure there's enough "there" there to support going whole-hog (whole-Pog?) in the episodic direction, not that I expect them to do that.

I definitely hope that when Murf emerges from its pupa, it's not in the form of yet another exotic weapon.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
Is this the first time Trek canon has joked about Shatner's (generally-exaggerated) speech patterns? I can't recall LD doing it, or at least *pleading gesture*notthismuuuch!
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Yeah, this episode really felt like a gift to the paleo-Trekkies [ahem], but it's about time that someone did a (quasi-)sequel to "A Piece of the Action." I actually guessed what the "Gallows" was well before we saw it, but I was still mightily amused and appreciative, and likewise with the redshirt being Garrovick.

I'm also intrigued by the bridge controls being able to be reconfigured on the fly; that was a feature of the original Dauntless. Did Starfleet somehow get its hands on a working copy and reverse-engineer a bunch of stuff?

It would be kind of hilarious if Murf morphs into something not terribly unlike a xenomorph, but is still their usual lovable self (a xenoMurf?).
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some thoughts ..

Is The Diviner just faking, or is his brain really scrambled? Will it turn out he's the cause of Starfleet making first contact with his people?

I was hoping murf had babies but that guess was wrong.

I enjoyed this episode a great deal, even if it was a bit silly and self-indulgent.

What was a TOS-era shuttle doing with a warp core installed? And what luck that Garrovick was such an expert at impersonating all the TOS bridge crew so that the Star Flight people could do the same.
posted by the antecedent of that pronoun at 10:18 AM on November 11, 2022

Yeah, the Shatner voice was silly, and I didn't care about the fan service, but I enjoyed the episode on the level I think it wanted to be enjoyed - as a lesson to our heroes that it's the vision and the values that make you Starfleet, not some commission or going to the Academy.

I agreed with a common criticism of the early episodes, that it felt more Star Wars than Trek, but I can definitely see it becoming more Trek-like as it progresses. This episode was a big step in that direction.
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Did Starfleet somehow get its hands on a working copy and reverse-engineer a bunch of stuff?

I mean, I hope this show realizes that the more they focus on the Dauntless, the more I'm gonna expect Ray Wise to return.

…VOY spoiler below:
Arturis COULD've gotten Borged and then de-Borged, a la Seven.

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What was a TOS-era shuttle doing with a warp core installed?

Maybe that was the prototype for a warp-capable shuttle, and Garrovick was the test pilot; a runaway warp reaction resulted in the shuttle going out of sensor range and crash-landing on this planet.
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If that's the case, he's lucky not to have become a salamander. What the heck would a cargo cult have made of THAT.
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Star Trek does Galaxy Quest! I love it.
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