Warrior Nun: The Warrioring
November 13, 2022 3:30 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

After two years (previously, also), Warrior Nun Ava, Sister Beatrice, Mother Superion, the awful Father Vincent, the even worse Adriel, and many more are back for another season of relationship angst and kicking demon butt.

Greatly missed is Shotgun Mary. Boo. On the other hand, very welcome is the expanded budget and (apparently) license to sever as many limbs as possible. Also we finally get some shipping.

It's okay to turn off your brain and just enjoy it, you know.
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I can't believe it's only been two years since Season One, seems like a lifetime. Too many lock-downs ago, haha. Also I remembered very little so the opening recap was welcome.
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This is the second season? It only now showed-up for me in the recs. Could some kind mefite give me a basic layout of what I might be in for if I jump-in and start at the beginning?
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Well for me it's fulfilling my yen to watch more shows that remind me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Doctor Who whilst indulging in armchair travel to all those beautiful European locations! Seriously, I think the first season came out during Melbourne's eleventy-thousandth month of 2020 lockdowns or whatever, and I was like, wow this kid feels trapped, that's so relatable! (Being called to the hero's journey as a warrior nun, not so much haha.)

Not sure what my excuse is now. It's a very fun show, reasonably well done. Unashamedly revels in its trashy genre tropes but also takes them seriously. Euro cast, crew and spectacular locations give it an interesting tone. Get some popcorn so you can throw it at the screen when the characters are making bad decisions. (Sorry I am only up to S2 ep 3 so maybe hold some popcorn in reserve.)
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(Not sure if that answers the question. But you should definitely watch S1 first. IMO.)
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Warrior Nun #3 on Netflix despite lack of promotion.

Still working my way through the season. The erotic pastries were amusing. Nice to have a moment of levity!
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Yeah, the recap was absolutely _madcap_ for a show that only had 10 episodes. The first season takes maybe 2-3 episodes to get going, Thorzdad, but then it's just _running_, absolutely bonkers pace. It's definitely not a show that demands you sit through 8 episodes to get to a crescendo. If you've been itching for a Buffy-ish, Supernatural-ish, Good versus Evil, Real Demons Included type show, it satisfies.
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So I've finally finished the second season and while I don't think it quite stuck the landing like the first season did, it was certainly enjoyably trashy genre trope-tastic.
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Aww - Netflix isn't renewing it.
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Looks like Warrior Nun will return in movie form.
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