The Good Fight: The End of Everything
November 14, 2022 4:46 PM - Season 6, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The countdown ends. It's 11/10.

Official description: The office must survive after being trapped by white supremacists.
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The notion that people had "gotten used to" the terror and uncertainty was pretty apt about life in general -- but pretty funny about The Good Fight in particular. ER was the first hour-long drama I remember watching (when I was a kid) and something like a gunman attacking the hospital would be a Very Serious Sweeps Event. It says something about the Good Fight's wild plot swings that, even in a series finale, I wasn't watching with the assumption that any of the characters might die.

On the other hand, the excellent scenes with Kurt and Lyle in the staircase were old school network TV at its best. I didn't know what they were doing by introducing Lyle this season when last season ended with such a sweet note between Kurt and Diane. I didn't quite "get" Diane's decision to break up last episode. They're a fun couple! I would not date a Republican, but...Diane already married him. And he wasn't a MAGA guy.

From that lens, the show's decision to finish with a group of creeps using high-powered guns to shoot endless rounds of ammunition into Diane's office was useful. I think Kurt is a classic conservative, in the sense that he doesn't really put weight on anything that hasn't affected him personally. It's possible that having his wife directly targeted by armed maniacs is the sort of thing that would cool his enthusiasm for his life's work.

I was thinking "what would be the more realistic version of sending those jerks to Antarctica" and the answer, of course, is to dump their corpses in a swamp somewhere. The insistence that they would deal out extrajudicial justice but not extrajudicial murder was very Batmannish, and indeed, the wilder parts of the series feel like they take place in a superhero universe. What a weird show! I'm going to miss it.
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Weird show indeed.

This was pretty good but I had the usual season finale problem: "We only have 30 minutes of show left, why are we wasting it on Felix's Ron Desantis nonsense?"

Nonetheless the tense parts were good. Kurt and Lyle were a great pairing.

Having the gunshots that came through happen to hit the same objects that usually explode in the credits was masterful and added to the dreamlike quality. The final announcement about Trump happening as I watched about an hour after that thing really happened added to the dreamlike quality too...

(They've been reading our comments about the whole season being a dream, apparently, because they flashed "All of this happened" on the screen right before the closing credits.)

All in all I enjoyed this show and I'm sad to see it go, which is saying something considering how mad I was at The Good Wife as it wrapped up its final season.
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YESSSSSS, Kurt and Diane! Well, a lot of other things but that was so satisfying. It was all cat and mouse with Felix and then cut to the chairs piled up blocking the exit. I waited a week to watch because I just didn’t want the show to end and the Trump announcement playing at the end was so discombobulating because wait, that just happened yesterday.

And god yes, so much better than The Good Wife’s last season. A nice wrap up and the possibility of not one but two spin-offs (j/k).
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Third spinoff idea: Lyle testifies against a mob boss who was his patient and is put into witness protection. Kurt is hired as his bodyguard. They argue constantly, and solve crimes.
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It was a strange kind of relief to see a show deal with the past few years in a way that was funny and surreal but also sincere and at times dark.

Mandy Potempkin’s court and its offshoots seem to be addressing what happens when “regular” people can’t afford legal recourse through official channels, when they can’t access or trust the law. I did love his use of costumes - I’ve wondered in the past why, if we can have blind auditions for symphonies, we can’t have something similar in the courts.

I loved it when Andre Braugher joined the show. That man is a delight, and I loved his character arc.

Diane and Marissa flat-out inspired me.
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